Reddit behind protests against SOPA, PIPA and CISPA, Ohanian the main character – Part 1

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Reddit, the online web link sharing company, has slowly and gradually become the internet giant of late. Its power became obvious from its recent actions that forced the US Congress to back off from the anti-privacy and so-called anti-piracy acts earlier this year.

When Congressman Lamar Smith authored the Stop Online Piracy Act to be tabled in the Congress, he underestimated one thing, the underlying power of the internet. Major Websites like Google, Wikipedia, Mozilla and even Amazon started to show their resentment against the act.

However, Reddit was on the top for a number of reasons. The website marketed the protest against SOPA and the likes at a magnitude that was not speculated by Smith and the supporters of the bill, mainly Hollywood companies.

Reddit was against the act up front and marched to Washington, DC for protest. The main character in the movement was the former CEO of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. Ohanian has become an unstoppable power when it comes to act against such audacious bills. Though he is no longer a part of Reddit, he still is seen the major contributor in such protests representing the website.

Ohanian started Reddit in 2005 and over that period it has become powerful source in bringing people together on one platform. The main business of the website is to share links and then punch hits on those links to bring them up on the lists. Since 2005, the website has morphed from a casual site considered as a distraction with 3 million hits a day to an effective and true power of people.

When the SOPA was in the making of an act, Reddit marketed its cause on the website as a link to share thoughts. More and more views encouraged the education on the bill and suggestions on how to stop it.

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