Samsung to compete via Gaikai cloud gaming

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The Asian giants are set to follow in the footsteps of their two competitors in the mobile world and video game console: Microsoft and Sony. The first units will PlayStation certified, the second ensures additional revenue stream
for games already known, many of the first PlayStation.

Samsung has partnered with Gaikai , an open platform in the cloud, for the distribution of video games. Their CEO and initially game developer, David Perry, has said that the
idea came during E3, but they will eventually deliver the latest version in July.

The operation of Gaikai is as logical as the new one. The games load, serve and processed on their servers, come to the devices via the Internet so that the final result depends more on the connection to the network that the device
has to be used.

"To access the latest titles with the highest quality and from a wide range of devices, the cloud is not the best solution, is the only solution."

During the presentation, Perry pulse trembled when speaking of the console makers:

"Recently it was said that the graphics of the tablets were to be as good as the XBOX 360. Do you want me to believe that the graphics in a few months will be better than a pileup with six years on the market … I refuse. As a
developer I demand the best quality possible.”

Among the virtues of the platform is the quality of their titles, especially Electronic Arts and Warner. Mass Effect 3 and the last Need for Speed are the prominent titles. Another difference that has given them some credit has
been their ability to stand out from the Facebook games with graphics very similar to the current consoles.

OnLive, presented at E3 last year proposed a similar device. It was a small device like Apple TV that was connected to the network and television. They charged a monthly subscription to access the entire catalog.

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