Microsoft introduces Touch Cover and Type Cover, two screen shields that turn into full keyboards

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Microsoft’s take on the tablet technology came late to the market but the release has its pros to lure both existing users and late adopters who still are mulling over the notion of the new culture.

Though the likes of Apple, Samsung and Asus have brought slim and sleek slates to the market that are extremely portable and interactive in a lot of words, they have their limitations. One of the conundrums has always been typing on the tablets.

The likes of iPad, Transformer Pad and Galaxy Tab have very responsive virtual capacitive touch keyboards akin to the QWERTY keyboards that smartphones boast. However, unlike smartphones, tablets have the tendency toward lengthy typing, thanks to its bigger screen and overall footprint. Besides, what is the point of spending 500 bucks on machine that cannot help you type a letter or a report?

That said, virtual keyboards are not that easy to type on as compared to physical alternative but the built of these device have their limitation to the inclusion of the latter one. The virtual keyboards are prone to the loss of bearing on keys and that adds up to misery of typing on tablets.

There are several peripheral options for typing on tablets in the shape of wireless keyboards and docks but all of them have their drawbacks. Docks tend to dismantle the aesthetics of the device as being the tablet in the first place; wireless keyboards are difficult to carry around.

Microsoft offered a very intuitive solution to the aforesaid problem. In a very innovative way, the company announced to screen covers, Touch Cover and Type Cover, that also work as keyboards. The former boasts capacitive touch and the latter works nearly the same as a physical keyboard in a laptop, without distorting the overall image of tablet.

The Touch Cover—a 3mm peripheral device—has physical bulging keys in full QWERTY formation but boast capacitive touch, which is hard to get adjusted to. However, the physical separation of the keys covers a lot land.

The second option is the Type Cover, a 5mm keyboard. It has physical keys that have a 1.5mm travel upon punch. It is the nearest alternative to a physical keyboard and is thinnest input peripheral in the market.

Both keyboards have a touch pad to navigate the operating system in a desktop way. Coupled with the kickstand at the rear of Surface RT and Pro, the keyboards essentially turn the devices in to laptops, again without destroying the ultimate image of a tablet.

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