3ality takes to the silver screen in Amazing Spider-Man and Prometheus for the first time – Part 1

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Releases of The Hobbit and The Great Gatsby will be the major flicks using the new 3D equipment in motion pictures

The third dimension in movies has made way on regular basis in the last half a decade. 3D visual screening is not a new concept in motion pictures; the technology has its fingerprint presence as far as the 50s. However, that technology is almost obsolete. The new 3D imaging in films, on the other hand, is not getting the response is anticipated.

Most of the viewers are not used to 3D glasses, or any other accessory to enjoy a movie for that matter. Moreover, the 3D visuals are hard for some to perceive in a theatre. The passive 3D makes the problem even worse. There are certain parts of any movie that project 2D images and all of a sudden, the picture changes its mood and adds the third dimension to supposedly enhance the experience.

The list of failed movies is miles long but one thing that all of them have in common is the premium price that one has to pay to enjoy ‘3D’. A normal 2D screening requires to pay around $15 but a stereoscopic film asks for $18 to $25, and the result is massive headache at the end while driving back home. IMAX 3D, so far has the most expensive ticket price.

Moviemakers reintroduced 3D technology in the early 2000s to boost up the revenues for the industry. Spy Kids 3D was the most prominent movie at the alleged reincarnation of the technology. Following the suit, a horde of movies hit the cinemas all across the globe to ‘entertain’ moviegoers.

Though 3D technology in movies is a welcome approach taken by producers and cinema owners, but the conservationist approach toward the production or post-production of movies in 3D has aggravated the concept. A switch from 2D to 3D is a move that is already treading a thin line and the lack of flexibility to optimize the technology to the liking of those who actually matter, movie watchers, is keeping the technology at Achilles’ heel.

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