3ality takes to the silver screen in Amazing Spider-Man and Prometheus for the first time – Part 2

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Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality, said that 3D films can use about 4 percent of the screen’s width for its depth, with 2 percent providing a decent effect. Most live-action films now shoot at a depth of about a half percent, which barely registers with viewers.

Following that is the corporate greed that forces cinema owners to jam as many people in to a theatre they can. The studios also want to pack in as many people into the theaters as possible. A deeper 3D movie requires viewers to sit further back, which means theaters can’t sell tickets to the first few rows, Schklair said. That’s lost revenue for each screening of a hit film.

“I actually want to get something for that higher ticket price,”said Schklair.

Though the technology is evolving at a fast pace and active 3D has successfully replaced passive in cinemas and home theatres, it still has a long road to cover before getting the unanimous vote from the public.

The new innovation in 3D technology, 3ality, is running a hot streak in production circles. Due to its ease of use and better end result, a number of production companies have adopted the new equipment, Peter Jackson being the first one. Jackson’s upcoming movie ‘The Hobbit’ was the first one to use the technology.

There are many other movies that have used 3ality equipment, The Amazing Spider-Man and Prometheus being the prominent ones, and it is not to say that the visual effects were anything less than stellar but these movies could have been better off in traditional 2D.

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