The best Android phones to date, regardless of the operating system version – Part 4

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The hardware are one part of the story. The new HTC One X comes with the latest iteration of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1. It is also upgradable to the new decimal update to 4.1 Jelly Bean, however, there is not specific time frame given on the JB release.

The design is not the typical HTC Android phone. It might not be the thinnest in the bunch but still it has a beautiful design with uniform torso and tapered bottom and top edges.

It seems 8-mega pixel camera are a standard in premium smartphones. However, the HD videos full blown pictures are produced the best in the Android market on HTC One X. It has negligible shutter lag and the videos captured are shockproof, smooth in 1080p resolution.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

If you think the new Galaxy SIII has brought anything revolutionary, then you are better off without. That is because you have misread the company’s tacit approach toward the Galaxy S series. It is never about something revolutionary per se. However, it is about bringing everything that is the best inside a single casing.

Name some latest and greatest spec and SIII has it in, in one way or the other. It is the sole distinctive attribute of the Galaxy S series that it has everything that is the best in the smartphone market. From a quad-core processor, to HD display and camera, to Super-AMOLED screen, to everything in between, it has everything.

The front-facing camera reads your face and unlocks the phone with a smile. It also keeps the phone up unless the face of the user is away for a long interval. It has near-field communications chip with Google goodies like Google Wallet and Android Beam.

The voice recognition software S-Voice, the answer to Siri also adorns the phone. Moreover, it has longer battery, and needless to mention WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Super-AMOLED screen is 720p HD and gives a premium sharp display. The screen touch sensitivity has also been increased to, no pun intended, iPhone standards.

Not to mention it also has Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, ICS, operating system. Though ICS lived a short life because of the sudden announcement of Jelly Beam, it still is one of the best OS in the market. On the other hand, SIII is upgradable to JB, however, the upgrade schedule has not been officially outlined.

The SIII easily comes at par with iPhone 4S, in fact, it actually poses threats to the upcoming release of the Apple phone because of the hoarded specs.

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