Mercedes-Benz SL550 Convertible (2013): Full Review – Part 1

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The Mercedes SL is back with refuelled rigour and this time it is the combination of both engine and cabin tech. The 2013 model is dual turbo charged and is fast. The cabin is equipped with all the ample gadgetry like the top of the line audio system.

The Comand Online system, Merc’s own signature computer system, is frustratingly slow, slower than most of the competition in the market.

The SL is the sort of vehicle that swivels heads and elicits comments like only a bright red Mercedes-Benz convertible can. Everyone wanted to take a closer look. Even my most car-averse friends couldn’t keep their hands off of the paint and I was taken aback when a normally conservative young lady described the Mars Red SL550 Roadster as “sex on wheels.” Oh, my!

Raunchy comments aside, the SL550 Roadster features classic sports-car proportions. Its long nose starts with an almost comically large Mercedes-Benz tristar badge flanked by large HID headlamps with LED accents and flows over the optional 19-inch AMG five-spoke wheels. Massive hood vents just before the steeply raked windshield had observers asking me if this was the SL63 AMG, to which I snobbishly replied, “No, it’s only the SL550.” The passenger compartment seats two under its low-slung, abbreviated roof line. Just behind the cockpit is an abbreviated, rounded rear deck.

Being a Roadster, the two-seater SL features a convertible top. And being a Mercedes-Benz, that convertible top is a power-retractable hard number that lowers in a fit of robotic ballet in about 6 seconds. Top-down storage space is limited by a cover that prevents the cargo from interfering with the operation of the roof, but there’s still space for a pair of carry-on bags and a few odds and ends beneath the power-lift and closed trunklid.

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