BMW 335i (2012): Full Review – Part 1

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 11:34:55 by

The new 335i has an efficient 3-litre engine that gives the best performance and fastest speeds in this car and price range.

On the inside, the car has up-to-date cabin tech with connected car features like Twitter and Facebook. The phone can be connected to the car for calling and audio streaming.

The options available are formulated in the worst possible way and interior has been made to give the car a banal impression. And it stops on idle when the engine is cold, like a hatchback Suzuki.

The 335i is a good commuter in this price range and the technology involved is a plus. However, the new technology is only the half of it. The interior opted for the 335i is not a viable option.

With BMW’s monolithic engineering focus, I’ve found it easy to be impressed with the company’s cars. Each model exhibits a hands-on driving appeal, a level of performance that cooperates with and rewards the driver. Even in the age of road-holding electronics, BMW implemented them so as to still let the driver throw the rear end out to a degree.

That was my mindset as I eagerly got behind the wheel of the 2012 BMW 335i, but even before starting up the engine I noticed something was wrong. Walking up to the car, I appreciated the low position of the kidney grille, and how each side was connected to the headlights, which had a devilish expression of their own.

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  1. Fantastic, i loved that car

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