Facebook launches a new app Facebook 5.0 for iPhone and iPad

Friday, August 24th, 2012 5:59:55 by

Facebook has launched the new version of its app for the iPad and iPhone called Facebook 5.0. The application is available on Apple’s AppStore. The social network claimed that the new version has more features and works faster than the previous iterations.

The scrolling down the notifications and feeds has become faster and users can now open photos in the feeds. The app works “twice as fast as the previous version when launching the app, scrolling through news feed and opening photos in feed,” the company explained.

However, the Associated Press noted that the application still lacks the photo sharing application Instagram or any of its features. The main reason behind it might be the still in process acquisition of the company by Facebook.

In a recent quarterly report submitted by FB to Security and Exchange Commission, the company has recorded a major shift from PC usage to mobile usage of the social networking platform. Majority of the users only interact through Facebook via mobile applications.

The major chunk of the mobile users still remains a grey area for the company as generating profits from mobile applications still remains a challenge. One of major obstacles in generating profits is the lack of Adobe Flash player software support on iOS. The recent Starbucks ad was a failure on Facebook app due to the same problem.

“Facebook sponsored stories on mobile devices are far more visible than the same ads on its website but utilizing creative marketing is quite challenging due to the limitations of the mobile device itself,” wrote analyst Richard Greenfield.

The new Facebook app, with all the additional features it may be, is expected to live a short life as the upcoming iOS 6.0 has integrated the social network in the operating system. That might bring some relief to the woeful company.

Facebook’s share price at NASDAQ remained stagnant at $19.44 Thursday even after the announcement.

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