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Pakistan plans model village to honour IT whizz-kid Arfa Karim

Pakistan is reportedly planning to build a model village in honour of late Arfa Karim, an information technology genius who at nine years became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).   Arfa’s ancestral village in Punjab, Ramdewali Chak No.4, will be soon developed into a model village at a cost of Rs. 140 million. […]

New Google app suggests field trip locations and restaurants near you

Google’s newest app will track your mobile phone’s location and tip you off when you’re near a field-trip-worthy landmark, park or restaurant. The Field Trip app released Thursday for Android operating systems is one of a growing number of mobile apps that guess what users might want to eat, look at or do. These apps […]

MasterCard releases its own mobile transaction app development kit

MasterCard is taking the electronic mobile payment system seriously. The payment system developers issued a development kit, Mobile MasterCard PayPass User Interface Software Development Kit on Monday for development of mobile transaction apps. The software development kit is issued firstly for Google’s Android and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry 7 operating systems. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 […]

CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees Facebook’s bright future

Facebook shares went 7.7 percent up late afternoon Wednesday after CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview to online technology media site, TechCrunch. The visionary was optimistic about the future of the company. The shares hit the first biggest increase in the market value of the stock at $20.93, after the initial public offering in May […]

Sysco subscribes to ThelRapp to strengthen the rapport with investors

Application development for mobile devices is slowly taking a new turn. Now, developers are moving their blazing barrels to a more serious business, and business it is. In a new wave of apps developed for the biggest app centres like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play, applications related to investor’s relations is seen to […]

Pandora Media surpasses the estimated sales by experts, share prices rise 8 percent

Pandora Media, the internet radio provider, exceeded the estimated profitability according to Thomas Reuters. The company announced in the quarterly report ended July 31 that its sales have increased 51 percent. In the report, Pandora stated that its sales have increased to $101.3 Million, a 51 percent rise from the year-earlier quarter. Analysts at the […]

Facebook launches a new app Facebook 5.0 for iPhone and iPad

Facebook has launched the new version of its app for the iPad and iPhone called Facebook 5.0. The application is available on Apple’s AppStore. The social network claimed that the new version has more features and works faster than the previous iterations. The scrolling down the notifications and feeds has become faster and users can […]

New app identifies faces in photos

(Reuters) – Imagine taking a snapshot of a group of friends and having your smartphone instantly reveal the identity of everyone in the photo. A new iPhone app called KLiK performs real-time facial recognition to automatically identify and tag friends in photos. "It’s our most recent evolution of both the platform and the consumer product […]

US congressional trial on Balochistan termed as ‘ill advised’ by Pakistan

US congressional trial on Balochistan termed as ‘ill advised’ by Pakistan Sherry Rehman, the ambassador of Pakistan to US has termed the Congressional hearing of United States on Balochistan as ‘ill advised’. The hearing was held earlier this week and is considered harmful to the Pak-US relation. According to an article by APP, a spokesman […]

Facebook’s new location indicator: Another irritating feature

Facebook has added another feature to its network that will certainly raise some eyebrows among the users. This new feature shows the user’s location on the webpage’s status bar. The most frustrating thing about this new addition to the network is that it has no TURN ON/OFF switch in the settings. After pulling out their […]

Facebook’s new application ‘The Timeline’: Will it be a privacy disaster? has launched a new application on the social networking website called the ‘Timeline’. At the moment, it is in a testing phase and only a select-few have benefited from it but the company plans on launching it in the first quarter of 2012. The app will join together a user’s previously uploaded pictures in […]


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