Sysco subscribes to ThelRapp to strengthen the rapport with investors

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Application development for mobile devices is slowly taking a new turn. Now, developers are moving their blazing barrels to a more serious business, and business it is. In a new wave of apps developed for the biggest app centres like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play, applications related to investor’s relations is seen to have taken a strong root.

A Texas-based food distributing company Sysco has released a new mobile app available for iPhones and iPad on App Store and Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play. The primary function of the app is to strengthen the company’s relationship with its investors. It will provide vital information to the investors regarding the company’s consumer market and stock market operations.

Neil Russell, vice president of investor relations for Sysco, said in a statement that accessing the minute-by-minute or day-to-day activities of the company has not been uniform or comprehensive for investors in the contemporary world with fast communications technology. The investors relations-related applications available online provide little information. Thus there is an eminent need for a dedicated application.

Sysco had an epiphany on the usage of mobile devices and the lack of IR apps for investors and employees, for that matter.

“It was a bit of an ‘aha’ moment for us,” Russell said. “It just makes sense. We need to make that information available to the investor on the go.”

According to Russell the apps available these days are not sufficient for employees or for investors to run presentations and dynamic graphs of performances on mobile devices, which calls for dedicated applications.

KCSA Strategic Communications recently developed an IR app template called ThelRapp, which provides Sysco with the answers it was looking for. Instead of developing an app by themselves, the company subscribed to ThelRapp for connecting to the investors.

“I’m not in the business of designing an app,” Russell said. “I’m in the business of getting information in the hands of investors.”

So far, the app is available on App Store and Google Play, according to the company it has been downloaded 175 times since its launch in August, which is good number for a niche market.

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