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Google says it has not submitted Google Maps with Apple

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt announced on Tuesday in Tokyo that the company has not submitted a new version of Google Maps with Apple for the iOS 6. He further remained a man of few words on the making of such application for App Store. Google Board of Director’s Chairman did not answer many questions regarding […]

Sysco subscribes to ThelRapp to strengthen the rapport with investors

Application development for mobile devices is slowly taking a new turn. Now, developers are moving their blazing barrels to a more serious business, and business it is. In a new wave of apps developed for the biggest app centres like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play, applications related to investor’s relations is seen to […]

Apple blocks Borodin used IP addresses to halt free downloads at In-App

Apple, Inc. has again become a hacking target and this time it is iOS that has fell victim to the malicious acts. It is not long ago that Apple faced a huge controversy with the Flaskback malware that attacked hundreds of thousands of Mac devices, if not millions. Now, the mobile operating system is hanging […]

iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 1

iPhone might have started selling like hot cakes on the basis of its interface and Steve Jobs’ unorthodox thinking on scrolling through menus but that time has long passed. The major aspect of the Apple smartphone to still keep the throne in mobile computing industry is applications, or as we call it apps. The word […]

iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 2

Apple redesigned the developers’ model altogether. Although it was one year later than the release of the original iPhone, it was worth every penny. Before Apple, mobile applications were a serious work and it meant business. Windows opened the doors for developers to its Windows operating system, desktop version. However, that resulted in freeware, shareware […]

iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 3

What actually sells devices in the contemporary market is applications. The more the platform has got them, the more devices it sells. The example of BlackBerry is in front of everyone, the company showed laggardness in developing apps and now there is a lingering time bomb on their head that might explode before the launch […]

Facebook launches App Center: Recommended applications for friends and family – Part 1

The Social Network has stepped further in bringing people together with more than 600 apps Facebook has launched its own App Center on both desktop and mobile operating systems. On smartphones, it is available on both Android and iOS platforms. So far it has amassed around 600 applications for desktop, mobile or both. The App […]

Facebook launches App Center: Recommended applications for friends and family – Part 2

The applications can be downloaded from either App Store or Google Play, depending on its availability on the platform. The applications can be accessed through Facebook accounts making it easy and intuitive for the social network to log the applications used and recommended the likes to other users. There are four tabs in the App […]

What to expect of hacking in 2012 — Part 1

The year 2011 was anything but secure in terms of internet security and what made it worse was the integration of the public sector organizations that regulate the utilities like water were exposed to the cloud without taking any prior precautions. The corporate sector or the CIA being the target of the hacktivists has been […]


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