iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 3

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What actually sells devices in the contemporary market is applications. The more the platform has got them, the more devices it sells. The example of BlackBerry is in front of everyone, the company showed laggardness in developing apps and now there is a lingering time bomb on their head that might explode before the launch of new BlackBerry OS 10 later this year.

The closed system in the development and release of applications has also instilled confidence in both developers and users. The limitation of its usage on iOS-based devices has allowed developers to confidently post apps on App Store without the fear of counterfeiting. The operating system limitation has also helped the company to retain its users to the same set of devices.

Android, on the other hand, has followed a different path and as a result, the operating system has become, no offence intended, the Windows of mobile computing. The open-system model that Google uses has made way to malware and viruses on Android-based smartphones. The company had to unload a number of applications last year on the complaints of malware. This does not bode well for the operating system.

Microsoft, however, has learnt from its past mistakes and has followed Apple’s model. The company keeps its developers closer and all the apps are available on MS’ Marketplace, and nowhere else. This is why the online store crossed the 100,000 mark from 50,000 apps within six months, and its counting. Windows 8 Windows Phone 8 are additional motivating factors in luring more developers to the platform.

Undoubtedly, iPhone is a marvellous device to look at and use, and iOS is the topping. But the fact of the matter is that apps are the motivating factor for users to keep up with the same 3.5-inch screen and the same titled interface. It is even attracting ‘non-iPhone’ users every day.

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