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Microsoft might make billions out of the Apple-Samsung rut

Apple vs. Samsung case is generating all kinds of the news all over the world. The recent updates suggest the ironically the biggest winner of the case is not Apple or Samsung, but it is Microsoft. There are speculations that due to the fact that the basic reason behind the case was Android, OEMs will […]

Microsoft reshapes its corporate logo, the Windows graphics are now part of it

The year 2012 has surely been a term of changes in the technology industry. Major tech companies have changed products, looks and other aesthetics and now Microsoft is following the suit. The company has changed its corporate logo and has added Windows logo as a part of it. It has been around 25 years since […]

Microsoft launches the new version of Office, release expected in Fall 2012 – Part 1

It is now becoming clear that Microsoft is revamping its software business, moving into a new direction. Since the start 2012, the company has produced and developed a series of new products that are related to the emerging tablet culture one way or the other. The release of new Office 365 is yet evidence that […]

Microsoft launches the new version of Office, release expected in Fall 2012 – Part 2

  The Office version 2012 will also be compatible with the company’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8. Though it will not be in its full form on Windows-based smartphones, many other features in it are as flamboyant. One of notable additions to the suite was the integration of social networking and cloud services. Social […]

Microsoft launches the new version of Office, release expected in Fall 2012 – Part 3

The presentation included another application called Lync. The app lets people video chat with each other and share files like presentations, documents and spreadsheets. This is a product of joined faculties from SkyDrive and Skype, the VoIP application Microsoft bought this year. Outlook was also shown at the presentation. The app now works faster than […]

iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 1

iPhone might have started selling like hot cakes on the basis of its interface and Steve Jobs’ unorthodox thinking on scrolling through menus but that time has long passed. The major aspect of the Apple smartphone to still keep the throne in mobile computing industry is applications, or as we call it apps. The word […]

iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 2

Apple redesigned the developers’ model altogether. Although it was one year later than the release of the original iPhone, it was worth every penny. Before Apple, mobile applications were a serious work and it meant business. Windows opened the doors for developers to its Windows operating system, desktop version. However, that resulted in freeware, shareware […]

iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 3

What actually sells devices in the contemporary market is applications. The more the platform has got them, the more devices it sells. The example of BlackBerry is in front of everyone, the company showed laggardness in developing apps and now there is a lingering time bomb on their head that might explode before the launch […]

Xbox 720 expected to hit the market in Winter 2013, according to a leaked PPT presentation

It seems that Microsoft is catching the same stream with rumours as Apple. The release of new Surface tablets and the all-new Windows Phone 8 was not enough that the rumour mill has now fired up the tread mill for the baking of Xbox 720. A 56-page Microsoft PowerPoint presentation just leaked on a NeoGAF […]

Windows Phone good for the moment but still a long road ahead

Microsoft is taking the smartphone endeavour very seriously with its mobile operating system, Windows Phone; recent examples of HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 are apparent to anybody who is in this business. Both of the smartphones are unique in one way or the other. Titan II has most advanced primary camera with 16-mega […]

Samsung Focus 2 2012: Full Review – Part 1

Samsung is taking Windows Phone seriously. The recent release of Samsung Focus 2 is a clear evidence of the statement. The phone was released in the US this week by AT&T with a new two-year contract for a meagre price of $50. For this amount of money the user gets a single-core processor, Windows Phone […]

Samsung Focus 2 2012: Full Review – Part 2

Up top is VGA front-facing camera that is dedicated to video chatting. Below the screen are three standard Windows Phone buttons; Back, Home and Search. Behind the screen is a 5-mega pixel camera that takes 720p videos with sheer quality. The stills however, have overdone colours that might make the pictures look from the 70s. […]


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