Microsoft might make billions out of the Apple-Samsung rut

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 4:04:58 by

Apple vs. Samsung case is generating all kinds of the news all over the world. The recent updates suggest the ironically the biggest winner of the case is not Apple or Samsung, but it is Microsoft.

There are speculations that due to the fact that the basic reason behind the case was Android, OEMs will try to migrate to Windows Phone for most of their future handsets. It has been evident in the history that Microsoft has made millions and in some cases billions from a major slip-up from one of its rivals.

Xbox and PlayStation scenario is in front of us, and now Samsung has committed a gigantic faux pas in infringing Apple patents. Not only has the Korean company incurred billion in fine but also most of their devices, both smartphone and tablets alike have been banned in the US and South Korea.

This means Microsoft has become the 800-pound gorilla in room that nobody can afford to ignore anymore. Only RIM, BlackBerry makers, are still unaffected by the case and will probably not churn the corporate sin committed by Samsung.

On the other hand, major OEMs are expected to seek MS for further assistance on mobile platforms, more than just alternate WP smartphones. The good news for Microsoft in this case is that the new Windows Phone 8 is now compatible with dual-core processors, which is more of a marketing stunt than efficiency leap as WP7 was running smooth and stutter-free on single-core processors. However, users like multi-core processors.

Some experts are of the opinion that that some OEMs might already have started negotiating with Microsoft for future contracts. CrunchFund partner MG Siegler said “Windows Phone just got a huge boost today,” in a tweet.

In another tweet, Paul O’Brien sarcastically wrote, “Hear that noise? That’s the sound of Android manufacturers ringing Microsoft right now.”

Microsoft has never been a revolutionary device maker but the mistakes from its rivals have given the company huge boosts in sales and market shares. With the new Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 coming to smartphones and tablets, respectively, there is a strong probability that the history might repeat itself.

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