iOS Apps: The real deal that sells the Apple smartphone – Part 1

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iPhone might have started selling like hot cakes on the basis of its interface and Steve Jobs’ unorthodox thinking on scrolling through menus but that time has long passed. The major aspect of the Apple smartphone to still keep the throne in mobile computing industry is applications, or as we call it apps.

The word app is not a new word or a concept, but before iPhone it had little to no meaning among the casual phone users. It was only limited to business people and serious smartphone users. What Apple did was revamp the concept of the word and penetrate deep into the market without any boundaries. Apple brought its phone in the reach of millions if not billions, and most of them were casual users.

It was not until a year after the iPhone debut that the concept of apps sprung into a new life. The reincarnation can be credited to the infamous App Store, Apple’s platform for purchasing and downloading iOS-based applications. There are certain things that make it different from other operating systems, including Apple’s own Mac OS X.

But first, a little light on the history of apps.

The word had been used before the origin of iPhone but it was not widespread among the masses. The only circles that used the word were BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palmtop users, and the audience was the corporate niche. Apps, back then, were limited to a handful of customers and there weren’t enough developers.

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