Windows Phone good for the moment but still a long road ahead

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 5:52:38 by

Microsoft is taking the smartphone endeavour very seriously with its mobile operating system, Windows Phone; recent examples of HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 are apparent to anybody who is in this business. Both of the smartphones are unique in one way or the other.

Titan II has most advanced primary camera with 16-mega pixels nestled into the sensor and Lumia brings the most vivid Super-AMOLED screen with ClearBlack technology. Moreover, both of them are great in looks and feel very comfortable to handle.

However, Microsoft still has a long road ahead to come at par with the likes of Apple and Google on smartphone front. iPhone and slew of Android phones are a big competition that a mere camera or looks will never defeat. The apps for mobile devices are in favour of both Apple and Google, who boast 600,000 and 500,000 apps on their respective platforms. MS, on the other hand, only has more than 80,000 applications for Windows Phone.

The recent releases of Lumia 900 and Titan II have received positive review from experts from every corner of the world. The operating system is light-weight and easy to run on single-core processors with lesser RAM to support them. This brings cost effectiveness to the company, that is why Lumia 900 is available on AT&T’s 4G LTE network for a mere $99.

In addition, the operating system is very attractive, not with ridiculous gismos found on Android that do not even match with a theme or make up one. Web browsing is simple and smooth and supports HTML 5.0 seamlessly.  Unlike Android, there is no stutter or clipping noticed while browsing web. Every major online service has its presence on Windows Phone like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and there are more coming this way.

However, rest assured that Apple and Google are not going to sleep on it. These companies are known to ruin anything that comes in their way and since they virtually own the underlying industry, they will turn every stone thrash MS out of mobile business.

Therefore, in order to compete with these tech goliaths Microsoft will have to come up with something sought out-of-the-box, something extraordinary.


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4 Comments for “Windows Phone good for the moment but still a long road ahead”

  1. Windows Phone User

    Actually there are almost 100,000 apps in Windows Phone app marketplace now. And unlike Apple’s app store, where a lot of apps are duplicated between free and paid versions, Windows Phone app marketplace allows installing most apps in Trial mode for free, eliminating the need for duplicates.

  2. Usman Khalid

    Dear Windows Phone User,
    I simply do not know where you got your statistics but the last time I checked, the statistics I provided in the post were correct. Following link will let you through it. Though it is not updates version, but it is sheer impossibility that WP has doubled its apps in a matter of six months.
    The second argument in your article is right. There are duplicates in App Store and Google Play and not just in free and paid version, but in many other ways as well. I concur to your point. Windows Phone is a thriving platform and I will not be surprised that it surpasses iOS and Android in the next couple of years.

  3. Usman Khalid

    Dear van der Blom,
    Thank you for your interest. I am really very sorry. I miss read the sources. Not only the link you provided was helpful but other sources also point to my sloppiness.
    I stand corrected. 🙂


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