Xbox 720 expected to hit the market in Winter 2013, according to a leaked PPT presentation

Thursday, June 21st, 2012 6:42:21 by

It seems that Microsoft is catching the same stream with rumours as Apple. The release of new Surface tablets and the all-new Windows Phone 8 was not enough that the rumour mill has now fired up the tread mill for the baking of Xbox 720.

A 56-page Microsoft PowerPoint presentation just leaked on a NeoGAF forum revealed MS’ yearly plans for the next three years, up until 2015. However, the most exciting among them was the alleged release of Xbox’s next iteration in the winter holiday season 2013.

Although the authenticity of the new gaming console cannot be confirmed from any source and Microsoft is keeping its silence for the moment, but the timeline provided in the presentation aligns with the previous rumours that have addressed the same issue.

The gaming console has been attracting a lot of attention of late, especially after the E3 summit. Though the company did not spell a single word on the release or even the mention of a new gaming console, there were hints that a new Xbox model is in the making.

The word on the street is that the company might launch the ne console this year as well. However, since it revamped the hardware of the Xbox 360 last year, it is farfetched that the company will release the new equipment this year.

2013 release seems to be a reasonable timeframe for the company to release the 720 as it has been quite some time since the 360 came out of the Microsoft factory. Moreover, its biggest competitors have already launched the next generations of their respective gaming consoles.

Sony has released PlayStation 3 and Nintendo just unleashed Wii U at the E3 seminar this month. But for better or for worse, the company is not stating anything on the issue. The topic was not even in the equation at the biggest gaming event of the year. The company released a new line of Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone 8 this week but the Xbox 720 was not talked about at the event.

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