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MasterCard releases its own mobile transaction app development kit

MasterCard is taking the electronic mobile payment system seriously. The payment system developers issued a development kit, Mobile MasterCard PayPass User Interface Software Development Kit on Monday for development of mobile transaction apps. The software development kit is issued firstly for Google’s Android and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry 7 operating systems. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 […]

Technology spending to increase by 5 percent this year, says IDC

Technology trend tracker IDC and investment bank JP Morgan expect a slightly slow growth in the technology industry. However, both had the mutual agreement on the decline in PC business. The industry is surly in the post-PC era with tablets and smartphones becoming more ubiquitous every day. The PC industry saw growth on snail’s pace […]

Intel lowers its third quarter revenue targets after disappointing laptop sales

Intel has lowered its expectations on Q3 revenues after the disappointing sales performance of notebooks. Intel shares were down 1 percent in the pre-market trading after the release of the report. The company lowered the bar 7.3 percent from previously expected $13.8 Billion to $14.8 Billion in sales to $12.9 Billion to $13.5 Billion. “Relative […]

Infoblox misses on estimates, shares fall 13 percent

Infoblox missed on the estimates from analysts on Friday. The company issued an outlook report on the full fiscal 2013 and expected profits per share that were lower than what experts had gauged. Its shares were down 13 percent in the afternoon trading following the report. The company expects the estimated profits per share for […]

Increase in Mobile gaming effected console gaming on a large scale, a research suggests

Smartphones and tablets are impacting every walk of life, whether its entertainment, business or simple household. In a recent survey conducted by NPD Group, the video gaming industry has also received a blow in sales and usage. According to the report published on Wednesday, the gaming industry is in a decline because almost 5 percent […]

90% of computer-owing homes subscribed to broadband but disparities in computer ownership, says research

Broadband internet is one of most widely used electronic technology in virtually every field of life and United States being the top subscriber has the densest use of it. However, in the latest findings by a research company, Leichtman Research Group, the odds are not all showing prosperity. According to the research, about 90 percent […]

OmniVision shares rise as it beats the analysts estimated revenue target

OmniVision Technologies saw a rise in its shares on Friday as it announced the quarterly report to the public late Thurday. According to the report, the company beat analysts’ views on the revenues and boosted confidence among investors. In the first fiscal quarter ended July 31, the company reported revenues of $258.1 Million that were […]

Major tech companies expected to launch mobile devices in September

September and October will be the busiest schedule for both technology companies and press. Major players like Apple, Google, Motorola, Microsoft and Amazon are expected to showcase their products to the public. Samsung, recently humbled by Apple in a legal court case over patent infringements, took the leap ahead of its rivals. The Korean company […]

Facebook shares down 4.3 percent after BMO releases a dissuading report

Facebook stock continues to plummet. Traded as FB, the share hit an all-time low midday Friday at $18.25, 4.3 percent down from the previous day. The initial public offering was $38 in May this year and so far the price has gone down almost half of the face value, 52 percent to be exact. The […]

The Best Gaming Tablet Options to go for – Part 1

Gone are the days when people would think of mobile devices to play Angry Birds. Thanks to the latest graphic cards and quad-core processors from the likes of NVIDIA and Samsung, there are devices that have the capability of playing hard-core games like Rapide GP and Dead Space. With more arcade and one-man shooter games […]

The Best Gaming Tablet Options to go for – Part 2

With a thick pixel density it is a satisfying device that can lure those people who have limitations over screen control when it comes to bigger screens. If you are looking for a good gaming tablet that is not overly priced or not expensive at all, Nexus 7 is the one for you. Google Play […]

Apple leads the podium with biggest tablet market share, a recent report says

Apple still reigns over the tablet market even in the presence of big conglomerates like Samsung and Amazon. The second calendar quarter earnings report from IDC ranks Apple at the top with Samsung and Amazon following in second and third position, respectively. The Taiwanese companies Asus and Acer are at 4th and 5th position. According […]


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