The Best Gaming Tablet Options to go for – Part 1

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Gone are the days when people would think of mobile devices to play Angry Birds. Thanks to the latest graphic cards and quad-core processors from the likes of NVIDIA and Samsung, there are devices that have the capability of playing hard-core games like Rapide GP and Dead Space.

With more arcade and one-man shooter games pouring in the demand for tablets are increasing to an all-time high. Spiked also by the portability and ability to do much more than just mails and movies in almost a desktop style, these devices are gaining on sales.

Device like the iPad and Transformer Pad are not the only options available in the market that can get you the desired results on gaming. Moreover, there are now 7 inchers available in addition to 10-inch devices that have more or less the same rigour to offer the same experience of gaming.

It is not to say that tablets are slowly replacing gaming consoles but it is worth mentioning that tablets are surely becoming a better alternative to them when portability aspect is factored in. This holiday many gaming consoles are bringing more efficiency to bring the markets back into their desired equilibrium.

However, for now following are tablets that are the best options for gaming.

Google Nexus 7

This device is by far the most farfetched option to for gaming when it comes to certain aesthetics of a tablet suitable for gaming. It does not have a 10-inch screen, nor does it have a price tag that can make certain class of people content with the quality of the device.

For $199, the Nexus 7 is a steal that some people like one of my friends thinks is as good as a lie. However, there is no such thing like that. It is a premium quality tablet that has a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU with all its goodies and a 16-core GPU to support top-line mobile games. Moreover, it has Android’s latest version known as Jelly Bean or Android 4.1 and Google Now, Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri.

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