Microsoft launches the new version of Office, release expected in Fall 2012 – Part 1

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It is now becoming clear that Microsoft is revamping its software business, moving into a new direction. Since the start 2012, the company has produced and developed a series of new products that are related to the emerging tablet culture one way or the other. The release of new Office 365 is yet evidence that Microsoft is reshaping its PC business.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the new Office at an event in San Francisco this Monday. Alongside a host of new features one was dominant, the suite’s inclination toward the tablet computing. It is obvious now that the company is taking the slate-based market very seriously.

Last month, the company announced new tablets called Surface, designed and advertised by Microsoft itself. The two tablets are designed on two different hardware architectures. Surface RT is ARM-based tablet to cater to the ordinary 10-inch tablet market while, the Surface Pro is an Intel-based device equipped with third-generation Ivy Bridge CPUs to target the ultrabook category.

The new version of Office, though is as much compatible with PCs, is basically targeted at devices with touch screens. The presentation was evident of the fact as most of functions in the new software were demonstrated on tablets to showcase its interactive features.

Ballmer said that the new Office will be available in full version for desktops and laptops, as well as tablets; there are not junior edition, he said.

The release of new Office goes in line with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft’s take at the tablet culture with a new operating system. Android tablets failed to shake the iPad-dominated market  but Windows 8 has real potential to take a stab at it.

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