HTC One X in Pakistan gets much awaited Android ICS 4.0.4 Update

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HTC One X in Pakistan gets much awaited Android ICS 4.0.4 Update

Finally, the much awaited update for the HTC One X has arrived in Pakistan, nearly a month it was released in the international market with Europe and many other regions of the world already enjoying the new feel beforehand.


I had the opportunity to find out late a night that my One X was showing an incoming update and to my surprise, it was the one which would give me the latest Android 4.0.4 update with Sense 4.1.


For Pakistani users, the new software number found in the ‘Software Information’ area of the phone, will now be updated to 2.17.707.3, which is the latest for this part of South Asia.

The biggest and most needed improvement was adding continuous auto-focus to the camera and luckily, HTC One X users will now be able to take benefit of that.

A number of improvements in the GUI can be noticed right away, like no lagging when swiping through pages or opening applications. HTC has also reported that memory management and battery timing issues have also been improved, but at the moment, it has not been long enough since the update for me to discuss on it.


There was also supposed to be an upgrade to the ‘Beats Audio’ software on the phone, but without a Beats Audio headset, which HTC unfortunately stopped including in the One series, it is really hard to notice a difference.

Now, HTC One X users will be waiting for the highly anticipated ‘Jelly Bean’ update and hopefully, we should see it in a couple of months.

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18 Comments for “HTC One X in Pakistan gets much awaited Android ICS 4.0.4 Update”

  1. i searched for the software updates in my htc one x after reading ur article but still no updates found.
    my htc one x is on android 4.0.3 with htc sense 4.0
    i live in islamabad …guide me how can i update my htc one x . thnks

  2. Syed Hassan Bokhari

    Are you using a Wi-Fi connection?

  3. Saad

    > settings
    > About
    > Software Update
    > Check Now

    If the message reads ‘ No Updates Available ‘, then try again.

    Good Luck.

  4. Saad

    > Settings
    > About
    > Software Updates
    > Check Now

    If the message reads: There are no Updates available for your phone, Try again.

    Good luck.

  5. I have not received 4.0.4 update on my htc one x i live in kasur ….. Please help me out

  6. I live in kasur and i still have not received 4.0.4 update on htc one x

  7. I have also not received any update on htc one x illegal ve in kasur ….please help me how i should do this

  8. Syed Hassan Bokhari

    I can see a lot of people are having problems in finding the update and have contacted an expert over the matter.

    Firstly, the roll out of the update can take up to 6 or 8 weeks and luckily, i might have been the first of them. A rough estimate by me would be that people around Pakistan will start getting it in the upcoming week or so, but if not, you can always try contacting HTC through

    The good part about that is that HTC does not take longer then a day to contact and should provide you with the help you need.

  9. I have alredy done this but it says that there is no update for your devic… Why it is showing this as the update has been released in pakistan

  10. Murtaza

    I don’t know why people have still not received the update because I have been using sense 4.1 since the past 2 weeks

  11. What is your city name

  12. sj

    hey hassan
    u seems to be an informative person.
    do u ve ne idea or information abt ICS update for HTC Incredible S…..?????
    i hve been looking for it all over the net but not getting the information….though ics has been reached to india……….but no information abt pak………

  13. I still not got any updates…. Even i have contact with the website youve given above but they even didnt respond to me

  14. …………………

  15. Adil

    GUYS pls check….OTA UPDATE 4.0.4 now available in Pakistan…Just got the message….updating as i type to sense 4.1 🙂

  16. Adil

    update is available now…Check update in settings!

  17. Ebtesam

    can i root htc one x 4.0.4 w 2.17???

  18. Syed Hassan Bokhari

    I wouldn’t approve rooting your phone since it can cause a lot of damage if not done properly. Waiting for the update would be a better option, unless you are sure that rooting it won’t cause a problem.

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