General elections contest between money and passion: Imran Khan

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 1:00:07 by

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has dubbed upcoming general election a contest between money and passion, saying that his party will clean sweep in the polls.


Speaking at a ceremony, the cricketer-turned politician said that the nation was facing poverty due to affluent rulers, adding that he would start accountability from his own.


Khan said that the VIP culture could not be finished until the rule of law was established in the country. He said that the democracy was not going to complete its 5-year term in Pakistan instead the five years of corruption were going to an end.


He said that a poor man was sent to jail for theft while NRO came to shelter ‘influential robbers’ in the country. The PTI chief said his eyes were fixed on Punjab’s governor house and he would bulldoze it as he came into power.


Earlier, Khan had said it was a joke with the people of Pakistan that in the current set-up political parties in the government had their own set of terrorists who are getting protection from their patron parties.


“The change in Pakistan is linked with us giving tickets to the right people. There will be a landslide victory for us if the image of our candidates resonates with the philosophy of our party, and if the people truly believe that their vote will mean change which they desperately need. We will give 25 percent tickets to under 35 year old.”


He questioned how the violence in Karachi can be ended when political parties have their militant wings and they are asking common people for ransom. He said the turnout of tens of thousands in his rallies had given hope to Pakistani people.


The youth of Pakistan have rejected the politics of fathers and mothers passing on the baton to their children, the PTI chief added.

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1 Comment for “General elections contest between money and passion: Imran Khan”

  1. Shakeel N

    Junoon vs “looted Money”. InshaAllah Junoon will dominate the election. Vote for PTI!

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