Will Tahir-ul-Qadri change years of faulty system in weeks?

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A debate has opened in Pakistan following the remarks by Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, chief of Minhaj-ul-Qura’an, at a mammoth public meeting in the shadow of ‘Minar-e-Pakistan’ that he wants to ‘save Pakistan’, asking the rulers to ‘introduce electoral reforms in three weeks or face a march on Islamabad of four million people on January 14’.


Independent political analysts and senior journalists were almost unanimous to criticize Qadri’s speech and questioned his notion of reforms only in weeks, which could not be corrected in years.
Qadri sahib, known for his fiery speeches, peacefully spent five years of his life in Canada, when the people of Pakistan faced hundreds of terror attacks and thousands of casualties. Why had he preferred to stay outside Pakistan when political leaders were supposed to remain among the countrymen at the critical juncture, who are unaware when they will be target of suicide bombers?

It is very easy to attract big crowds after spending millions of rupees on media campaign in Pakistan where most of the mainstream TV channels unfortunately have lust for financial benefits. Pakistanis were surprised at the about two-hour live coverage to a leader who had left the people in lurch at difficult hour.


Such artificial gatherings do not long last now in Pakistan. Many were surprised at the quite and pre-dawn arrival of Qadri’s return to Pakistan last week. If he claims to lead four million people to Islamabad then why he kept his return to Lahore secret. Political leaders must be like slain Benazir Bhutto, who braved suicide bombings on her arrival in Karachi in 2007.


Now when the country is heading to parliamentary elections in few months demands like Qadri will add to the already confused political environment in Pakistan. Sensible people in Pakistan are asking Qadri sahib to desist from dancing at the tune of others. It is high time for him to revive his party and resume his political activities which he had quit years ago.
Pakistan cannot afford new experiences and every political and religious leader are responsible to steer the country out of the varieties of crisis.


Welcoming Qadri’s assertions, Imran Khan will not earn a good name as he is being considered by the young generation as the best option for Pakistan. PTI’s Khan must try to dispel a particular impression about him rather than throwing support behind Dr Qadri. He should also think why very famous names, who had joined him for the slogan change, are now parting ways with him. Several have gone and some may follow.


The MQM’s participation in Qadri’s rally and Altaf Hussain’s telephonic calls to Qadri has also raised questions. The MQM will have to tell Pakistani nation whether they will just remain with any government or will back people with dubious agenda?

Pro-democracy people in Pakistan will laugh at Sheikh Rashid for welcoming Qadri’s so-called political and electoral reforms slogans. Sheikh, who lost both of his Rawalpindi constituencies, in the 2008 general elections, is now searching for some backing to get himself elected in the coming elections. His Awami Muslim League is also now part of the Defence of Pakistan Council and had also invited Imran Khan for his annual late night rally between August 13 and 14. But both leaders had failed to attract a big crown at Liaquat Bagh.


There is no doubt Pakistanis need a clean democratic system and clean people, who do not look at undemocratic forces and are real democrat. What Pakistan faces today is also the result of dictatorship. Let the people decide whom they send to the corridors of power as they are the best judges.

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16 Comments for “Will Tahir-ul-Qadri change years of faulty system in weeks?”

  1. Khan the Great

    We should not take Tahir Kennedy seriously.He is a Joker in the cloak of a relegious leader.He has staged many dramas in the past.

  2. Reshoh

    Biased article .. The writer has criticized every one who opposes current electorate system… A typical PML(N) and PPP follower who is in favour of feudal system……

  3. feroz

    It looks like this website does not have knowledge about the true picture of Dr muhammad tahir ul qadri.

    He spend 14 years in pakistan and constested in elections to bring the change but the electoral system is soo bad, that lots of fake voters are registered and votes can be buy with the money.
    this website does not want to change the system which will threat to existing politicians. this website is follower of existing politicians. as a pakistani i condemen this website

  4. I just want to raise few points,
    1. Has Dr. Qadri lied about current system of elections ? If no then what ever he said is true and you cure the disease you must cure its source and I also believe that the process (SYSTEM) of elections is very weak and is bound to allow corrupt people with money in power.

    2. People in this rally were from all over the Pakistan and they represent PAKISTAN also. I have confirmed with various old and new generations who lived beyond 1947 and confirmed that they have not seen any MASSIVE rally of people after 1947, but this one on 23rd Dec at the same place.

    I just want to highlight that FACT is a FACT and write must look into value and merits of work, personality and then do justice. This is what his profession requires of him.

    BIASED, LIES, BLAMES, CONFUSION and wrong information about people can only confuse illiterate people but not literate.

    May ALLAH Help us to help our country for generations to come.

  5. Hassan

    I agree with Reshoh and feroz..Thw writer of this article is completely biased and is in favor of the current corrupt political system. What a shame! Please be honest with your self, your family and your nation! Arguments should be based on logic not personal bias!

  6. Speaker

    Tahir ul Qadri, got his Islamic studies degree from shiites, propagating the agenda of westerners, one of the most hypocritric personalities of Pakistan. A comedian attracts more people than a serious person.

  7. hamza

    Mr.writer, you are wrong .

  8. yasir

    Dr Tahir Padri , is a lier that was the verdict of supream court , those who blindly love him should go back in history do some search work then make followings

    Due to these blind lovers we have these politicians playing with us

  9. Muhammad Zubair

    Salaam to all the visitors,
    I think we are all the Pakistanis, not Sunni not Sheya, Not Wahabi. We are Pakistanis. So please just for the sake of country let’s put thoese things aside. Do you think that the current system is good. Do you think that PPP, PML-Q, PML-N or any other party has done any good for Pakistan, absolutely not. I was not a folower of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri but the Agenda that he has shown, I am the follower of that agenda, I am the follower of Pakistan, I am the Follower of Islam, I am the follower of this nation. Do you think that this current system can lead us to the success, no no no. We need the change, it will not happen easily. It will happen with man-power. You will see all the these T.V shows saying that this is not good, this will not lead us to the change. Please know that they were always against this system in their talk shows, but now they are with this system. It means they are eating the black money from these black politions. Be a Pakistani, be a follower of Pakistan, be a follower of Islam. Not a silent member………

  10. Tahira

    What did doctor Qadri say about the current state of Pakistan and its leaders that we did not know before? He has presented no solution except to excite young people to violence, waster of time, and in many cases death. He has disappointed many. We might as well take more solid solutions from the Premiere of Canada. Mr Qadri is or is not the originator of Blasphemy laws which have had many innocent people killed at assumed pretexts? He and his friends can not make this clear. MQM’s Waseem Akhtar’s excuses for not explaining this point will not do. You are either with us or against us, no need to put your feet in two boats.

  11. Reality

    The problem with people is that they just want to criticize without understanding the real motive behind his speech. Tahir only wanted to refrom Electoral Procedures so that it becomes strictly compliant with the Entrenched Constitutional Conditions and this includes Article 62 (D, E, F, G) as follows:
    (d) he is of good character and is not commonly known as one who violates
    Islamic Injunctions;
    (e) he has adequate knowledge of Islamic teachings and practices
    obligatory duties prescribed by Islam as well as abstains from major
    (f) he is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate and honest and ameen;
    (g) he has not been convicted for a crime involving moral turpitude or for
    giving false evidence;

    In reality these terms are never applied on those who stand for elections. Most of the parliamentarians have not filed tax return. This one thing among others make those candidates disqualified to stand for general elections in light of those general character bearing conditions of constitution. If those conditions are applied strictly then corrupt candidates become easily expelled from electoral procedures. Surely only right candidates will come ahead for elections if these conditions are applied strictly. Of course this work is of Supreme Court. Although he demanded many other things from parliamentarians too.

    This is all what he wants…constitutionally wrong candidates must not be allowed to stand for elections…He has legitimate demand according to constitution…

  12. farooqui

    Ok he says all 73 firka of islam are right and in that way he is dennying hadis of sarkar . Who is he to misguide to people . he is a CIA agent.

  13. farooqui

    The main target of west was to demolised the ” ROOHANIYAT ” from islam which they have already lost . In that context they made him now he against Jehad , 73 firkas are all correct means opposing sarkar do aalam . He is a alim he should do his own work .

  14. Tahir Khan

    NewsPakistan welcomes and appreciates readers’ comments on our news reports. We have approved all comments, some even very harsh, that reflects our policy to respect freedom of expression. The readers have the right to criticize us. We will be happy to receive more comments from our respected readers. I also want to clarify that we do not have any favourite and write impartially and without any tilt towards anyone. We respect all political leaders. Our all contributors are independent in writing. We consider it our responsibility to come heavily on all those who hatch conspiracies to derail democracy. We will challenge those elements who, after rejection by the masses, always look at the power hungry dictators.

  15. javid minhas

    god bless on pakistan we are tomuch stupid

  16. atta

    i think he will nin hte election he is right in his views . he will chane the system , people are in his favour ,..

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