Church attack: PTI-led KPK gov’t fails to deal with emergency situation

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 3:18:48 by

The deadly terror attack on Church in Peshawar Sunday exposed the incompetency of the PTI-led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

There were only few doctors to deal with the injured if the worst terrorism on innocent people inside the Church.

None of the PTI, Jamaat-e-Islami and allied parties’ ministers reached the hospitals even hours after the blast which killed nearly 60 people and injured over 70.

Health Minister Shaukat Yousafzai, who was allocated the Health Ministry, could not be seen in hospital and also no other minister bothered to visit the hospital and monitor emergency situation. Yousafzai had been under criticism for his poor performance as Information Minister. 

The ANP leader Mian Iftikhar Hussain was the lone political leader, who like the past, arrived at hospital to show sympathy with the affected Christian families.

People raised slogans against the PTI government in the Lady Reading Hospital.

Jamaat-e-Islami, coalition partner in the KPK government, considers itself as the most humane, also disappeared and none of its leader spared time to meet the affected families in the hospital.

Imran Khan issued condemnation statement and reportedly directed his ministers to reach hospital after hours of the attack. TV channels could not trace any PTI minister.

Opposition parties announced mourning to express sympathy with the Christian community however PTI has yet to make any decision.

The Chief Minister, Pervez Khattak, who has never been active in any such emergency event, was in Islamabad at the time of the cruel bomb attack by a terrorist.

Imran Khan used the media to request Mr Khattak to reach Peshawar when all the dead bodies have been taken out of hospital and injured have spent hours in hospital.

People in KPK would never think Khan’s PTI will be so careless but they know realize to test the people when they reach at the corridor of power.

Will Imran Khan, the champion of change, take action against any of his KPK ministers to set an example? The people await any such bold step from Imran Khan.

Imran Khan’s PTI social media users always use abusive language when people criticize the party. Please PTIs’s supporters condemn your own leaders, ministers and lawmakers rather than using dirty language for the critics.


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11 Comments for “Church attack: PTI-led KPK gov’t fails to deal with emergency situation”

  1. ali

    It is because of the pro taliban policies of IK that the killing goes on non stop. IK should compensate the families of the dead from his own pocket.

  2. Nabeel

    I Condemn Writer of this Story.
    KPK government isn’t fail. KPK is the most targeted area by terrorists in the world & every measure is being taken by the Government

    So mr Writer you just portrait Shameful Rape cases in Punjab. & silent of PMN-L led government there.

  3. Ivan Patrick Carmody

    It is sad and surprising to see the Muslim hatred and hostile wishes towards innocent Christian’s who were not at all westerner’s, but were mostly working in the fields of education and medicine. Today we Christian’s have lost our Mother’s’ Father’s, Brother’s, Sister’s and Children. Just don’t know how will the Christian’s of Peshawar come to face this great loss in days to come and years to come. Ask yourself???

  4. muhammad

    Shame on the writer. PTI was there like everyone else and all the leaders reached the site and the hospitals as soon as possible

  5. Azzy

    The Champion Of Change is nothing but the old medicine in a new bottle and his foolish mantra of talking with the TTP proves that he has no common sense either.

    Do the sheep in a forest talk with the Hyenas? Do the fish in a river hold talks with the crocodile?

  6. At last one begins to think that the drone attacks are no so bad. If we can not do it let some one else do the necessary.

  7. Muhammad Khan

    I am so sorry to hear about this tragic event in Peshawar. My sympathies are with everyone.

    Regarding the headlines about PTI’s failure, I do not agree with that at all. In reality its the failure of the all the governments since 1947, who allowed or couldn’t control the mullah mindset, and now its out of control.

    The Quran clearly stated that all these Ulemas and similar religious leaders, who claim guide people towards Islam are the real hurdles in the way of Islam. (9/34 Quran).

    Until and unless we abolish the madrasas and get rid of these anti-islam groups, we can neither understand Islam or stop these bombings.

    May Allah guide us towards the real Islam which is free of such cowardly acts and make us momin whose duty is to protect the innocent regardless of their religion, cast or creed.

  8. Ahmed

    well sorry to say but Imran Khan and CM KPK reached peshawar and were outside of Lady Reading Hospital. i think you have not look at your own news yesterday and here is the footage

  9. Tahir Khan

    they reached when all dead bodies were removed in coffins provided by Jamaat-e-Islami and injured were already being treated. the govt has some responsibilities to perform rather than making scores for political gains

  10. Tahir Khan

    Muslims and Christians in Pakistan have no problem. They live in the country for years. Christians in Pakistan are peace loving and respect Muslims. The attack was not by Muslim but by an animal and a cruel individual who does not have religion. All religious groups in Pakistan condemned the attack. It is not the work of any Muslim but a terrorist. please understand

  11. Breaker

    Why will Opposition parties announced mourning to express sympathy with the Christian community however PTI has yet to make any decision?

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