Amir Khan vs Floyd Mayweather because Money Talks!

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Real Money is normally made when an athlete crosses the spectrum from sports fans to mainstream.  When the mainstream people who normally don’t follow the sport start to recognize it by a name of an athlete, his brand name has gone mainstream. 

There is no doubt every boxing fan in the USA knows; who Floyd Mayweather is, or heard of his name.  Take that and stretch it to Europe and less people know of Mayweather, compared to his fame in the USA.  When it comes to Asia, Middle East and UK Amir Khan would win the fame battle hands down. 

Why Amir Khan is famous in some parts of the world:

1.         Amir Khan is British and made a name for himself in summer Olympics 2004 at 17 years old.

2.         Olympics are watched more than a boxing match and this fame continued to follow Khan ever since

3.      He became the WBA world champion at an early age of 22, which made him the youngest ever, British WBA titleholder.

4.         He is by far the most successful and most famous boxer of the Asian decent, when you take, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India, just the population numbers alone are well above a Billion. 

5.         He is the current torch barrier of Muslim boxing champions, which in the past was carried by the great Muhammad Ali.

6.         When You Think About Greatest Muslim Sportsmen: Muhammad Ali beats the rest by a mile.  Zinedine Zidane a retired French footballer would be second and NBA’s all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would be third followed by Jahangir Khan, who is a former World No. 1 Professional Squash player. 

7.         If you fast-forward the most famous Muslim athletes to today, Amir Khan would beat the rest by a mile. 

8.         There are over Billion Muslims who are proud of Amir Khan. If Khan Vs Mayweather happens; that’s lots of YouTube views, Facebook fans and twitter followers; who, for very first time, would know who Mayweather is.

9. Freddie Roach told ESPN in July 2011 “Amir is a little ahead of Manny” and “He will become pound for pound king within a couple of years” Also Khan’s new trainer Virgil Hunter told Fight Hype “Amir Khan is faster than Manny Pacquiao” With all this being said it shows Amir Khan makes an exciting fighter that could be a factor of his popularity globally. 

10.       Amir khan is also very popular with the female market that is not boxing fans but will watch just to support him. 

11.       Khan has the best social media team and loyal fans: who are very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks


Let’s now compare the social reach Amir Khan has:

Twitter Followers: 1,438,034 (1.43 million)

Facebook fans: 941,000 (941K)

When compared to Mayweather other rumored opponents this May:

Marcos Maidana

Twitter followers: 72,394 (72.3K)
Facebook likes: 22,206 (22.2K)

Danny Garcia

Twitter followers: 86,339
Facebook likes: 29,241 (29.2K)

According to maths Amir Khan has more than 16 times more following than Marcos Maidana and Danny Garcia on Twitter and a crazy 32 times more on Facebook.

We were once told Boxing is all about money; the real fight is done outside the ring by the looks of all the statistics above and knowing Floyd Mayweather is all about the business before he gets in the ring he recently quoted that Amir Khan has an “impressive” fan base.

Give us your honest opinion below – all comments approved!

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5 Comments for “Amir Khan vs Floyd Mayweather because Money Talks!”

  1. Azeem Sheikh

    In my opinion: The reason why aamir khan is so famous because he is muslim 2nd he’s belong from pakistan !!!

  2. Johnny Ross

    Well written article, Khan has a chance in this match-up after all styles make a fight he will certainly do better than Canelo and Guerroro ever did.

  3. Mohsin khan

    I would love to see mayweather vs khan but I do believe mayweather will win but not easy it’s a very good match up between them

  4. Mohsin khan

    Very good match up I will pay to watch it hop amir wins tho

  5. jake

    “Most successful boxer of Asian decent”?? Ever heard of manny pacquiao??

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