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China company RUYI set to invest in Pakistan

  The very well known RUYI of China has decided it will be investing a sum of 2 billion dollars into Pakistan’s energy and textile segment within the next 2 years – this news came out when the companies chairman Yafu Qui had a meeting inside the PM house with the Prime Minster of Pakistan […]

Adrien Broner became his own “problem”

Adrien Broner seemed like a very over confident young man, many boxing fans called the over confidence “arrogance” how a fighter that hasn’t fought any reputable opponents makes big statements “I still watch Floyd fight. I learn everyday. The thing about me is, the shit he does, I picked up at 23.” saying things like […]

George Groves vs. Carl Froch 2? Hmm Froch doesn’t seem to fancy it!

Nobody will ever forget the first fight, it was an entertainer from the 1st round when Carl Froch went down to when it was stopped by the referee to favor Carl Froch – many say it was premature stoppage, some say it wasn’t.  Straight after the fight Carl Froch told the fans he would give […]

Amir Khan vs Floyd Mayweather because Money Talks!

Real Money is normally made when an athlete crosses the spectrum from sports fans to mainstream.  When the mainstream people who normally don’t follow the sport start to recognize it by a name of an athlete, his brand name has gone mainstream.  There is no doubt every boxing fan in the USA knows; who Floyd […]

3 Reasons why Floyd Mayweather WILL fight Amir Khan

Firstly why should Floyd Mayweather fight at all in 2014? We all know by now that he has a super 6-fight contract deal with Showtime for 6 fights. According to an article from September last year, Mayweather himself had said he will fight twice in 2014, the dates reportedly being May 3rd and September 13th. The month of May […]

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