George Groves vs. Carl Froch 2? Hmm Froch doesn’t seem to fancy it!

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Nobody will ever forget the first fight, it was an entertainer from the 1st round when Carl Froch went down to when it was stopped by the referee to favor Carl Froch – many say it was premature stoppage, some say it wasn’t. 

Straight after the fight Carl Froch told the fans he would give them a rematch but I guess the following morning waking up and feeling the pains and aches must have made him change his mind as he hasn’t spoken about it positively ever since fight night.

So does Carl Froch really want it? Evidently the answer is no because George Groves has acted like a “spoilt little kid” but come to think of it who wouldn’t be annoyed training all your life to win a title, winning every round convincingly (apart from 1 stretch it to 2 maximum) then the referee taking away your dreams within those few seconds.

Did Carl Froch rob Groves? No. Does Carl Froch owe Groves a rematch? No. Does Carl Froch owe his fans a rematch? Possibly if he wants to erase doubt.

Carl Froch still didn’t learn after he belittled Groves saying he was not on world class level and has made a statement through Daily Express “I’m very reluctant to hand Groves a pay-day, especially when he behaves like an idiot all the time.

“I don’t like him as he has absolutely no respect, no class and is a spoilt kid.

“Of course he wants to fight me again as he wants to make a killing. But why should I? I’m the champion and that means I call the shots.”

I would have only expected such a statement if Carl Froch dominated the fight but he didn’t also is this just an excuse to duck part 2 of the saga?

All your comments are welcome below, leave your thoughts! Is Carl Froch scared of George Groves? Should he be scared of George Groves? Does George Groves deserve a rematch? 

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4 Comments for “George Groves vs. Carl Froch 2? Hmm Froch doesn’t seem to fancy it!”

  1. Richard

    Watch the fight with the sound down. Froch does more then enough to earn the 2nd and the 5th. Johnny Nelson said before the fight. I think froch will be happy if he’s won 1 of the first 5 rounds. Which froch did on 2 of the score cards and also in my eyes. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone as the fight had gone the way everyone had predicted pre fight. The fact of the matter is when froch went down in the first everyone jumped on the band wagon and preceded to watch the rest of the fight with groves coloured glasses on. Jim watts nonsense was so one sided you physically need to get rid of his brain washing voice so you can form your own verdict. The fight went the way of the script groves did a bit better then even I was expecting but I fully expected him to win the early rounds. Both fighters were robbed of a final conclusion. But in the cold light of day the scores were with froch. If the fight had carried on it would have been a 10 9 round for froch or if he’d had a count it would have swung in froch’s favour and I cannot honestly say the fight was going to get any easier for groves. Be honest with yourselves froch was always going to win.

  2. russell

    groves was shot after 6th round.he threw everything but kitchen sink at froch and couldnt budge him.go watch the stoppage on daily motion groves was in a mess or listen to it on radio.groves wants a pay day thats all.

  3. Mick

    Froch does enough to earn the 2nd and 5th? Wow… When you turned the sound down, you must have switched the TV off and guessed the outcome. I have watched the fight 6 times. 4 with the sound on and 2 with no sound at all and the scoring is still exactly the same. It amazes me when people say Froch would have done this and that… Well why didn’t he show any signs of this for the whole fight except 1 maybe 2 rounds. I am not saying Froch wouldn’t have won because it is impossible to say. What other option does Froch have? Fight Ward and get schooled? Fight Golovkin in a hugely dangerous fight? Or fight Groves and show once and for all he is the better of the two (if he belives that). It makes money and makes sense for the legacy that Froch loves to tell people about.

  4. Jackie Oswald

    Froch said at ringside he would fight him again nobody wanted to listen to what he had to say he had lost the crowd by then,he seamed nervous and thought that’s what he had to say to please them,he said it (with world boxing watching).he should do it or he will loose the respect of everyone involved with boxing.

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