Pakistan Asks Kabul to Stop Attacks

Friday, July 18th, 2014 2:57:17 by

Pakistan is currently in a state of war as they went against the militants who have been targeting several areas and killing innocent civilians in the past. The Pakistani armed forces gathered outside Waziristan to take hold of the situation but it is being reported that most of the terrorists have evacuated the area and now they have migrated to a region in Afghanistan, where the Pakistani army cannot attack.

The Pakistani government asked the Afghan forces to take action against the matter. They requested the Afghani army to either eliminate the threat or take them into custody and return them to the Pakistani armed forces.

However, none of these pleas for action were heard by the Karzai government. Recently the Pakistan Foreign Office came out in the open and spoke against the Afghani military. They stated that Afghanistan should stop the attacks which the militants located in their area are carrying out.

Pakistan also showed disappointment against the Afghan military as they claimed that the Afghanis should now take action because these militants are not only a threat for the Pakistani government but also a threat for Afghanistan.  

A statement released by the Pakistani Foreign Office said, “We have asked Afghanistan repeatedly not to allow its territory to be used against Pakistan by terrorists and we expect Afghanistan to take action. As Pakistan is determined not to allow its territory to be used against them, we expect a similar commitment from Afghanistan.”

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  1. tariq shah

    Afghans are back stabbers and will help Talian attack Pakistan, these people are jealous of Pakistan, and will never help, Pakistan must throw out all Afghans

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