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Religious Leaders Urge Army to Send Troops for Saudi Arabia’s Aid

Saudi Flag

Speaking at a Rally outside the National Press Club, Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi, chief of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat declared that parliament’s resolution on Yemen was against the people’s will and a waste of time. He further stated that, “We have to give unconditional support to Saudi Arabia to save the honour of Ummul […]

Pakistan Asks Kabul to Stop Attacks


Pakistan is currently in a state of war as they went against the militants who have been targeting several areas and killing innocent civilians in the past. The Pakistani armed forces gathered outside Waziristan to take hold of the situation but it is being reported that most of the terrorists have evacuated the area and […]

Militants Slip Away from Pakistani Armed Forces

pakistan army operation in north waziristan

It was recently reported from Miranshah that even though the Pakistani forces are trying their best to eradicate the tribal militants and all forces of Tehreek E Taliban, they somehow manage to slip away. There are several Haqqani tribes that are currently operating from inside Pakistan, but they are all being targeted by the Pakistani […]

India Accuses Pakistan for Killing a Soldier

Pakistan India

It was recently reported from Srinagar that the Indian army has directly pointed fingers at Pakistani armed forced for not only killing a soldier, but also leaving 7 injured as the two parties were involved in a cross fire at the international border. It was reported that the two sides kept firing for several hours […]

Pakistani Army Vows to Take down All Militants in Tribal Area

pakistan army operation in north waziristan

Pakistan is currently in a state of war. After numerous suicide and terrorist attacks on different areas of the country, the Pakistani army decided to take the war to the militants themselves. This is why the army is now camped outside Waziristan and taking down each and every single militant who resides there. Recently the […]

Altaf Hussain Says the Whole Nation is With the Army

Pakistan is currently in a state of war. The country is fighting against the militants who reside in North Waziristan. After several attempts on trying to make peace with Tehreek E Taliban, Pakistani army has decided to eradicate them once and for all. At first it started with TTP killing 27 troops who they kidnapped […]

New Anti-Terror Law Raises Fears over Civil Rights

Terrorists Lahore

Pakistan’s parliament recently managed to pass a law on Wednesday which gives security forces extreme powers to take down militants. However, a few activists and legislators believe that it is too harsh and criticized the bill altogether. The legislation which is known as ‘Protection of Pakistan Ordinance’ has now reached the final stage and is […]

Ground Operation Commences in Miranshah


It was recently reported from Rawalpindi that the Pakistani Army has decided to enter and search every single house that is located in Miranshah. Pakistan is currently in a state of war against the militant group, Tehreek E Taliban. It all started when the peace offer made by the Pakistani government was rejected by the […]

Reports Claim Militants Getting Money from Anti-Pakistani Elements


It was recently reported from Landikotal, Pakistan that an official from the Pakistan Army came out in the open and claimed that militants who are currently fighting against Pakistan are being backed heavily by anti-Pakistani elements. The official said that these forces are asking the militants to kill innocent people in the name of Jihad. […]

FIR Registered Against TTP for Airport Attacks

taliban attack karachi again

The First Information Report of the attack on the Karachi airport has been filed against Tehreek E Taliban on Wednesday. This FIR has been registered under the Anti-Terrorism Act. A strong leader of TTP, Shahidullah Shahid, has also been listed down in this report. The attack took place on June 8th 2014 as 10 terrorists […]

Geo TV Apologizes to Pakistan Army

The war of words between Geo TV and Pakistan Army has finally ended as the Jung Group-owned, Geo TV, has apologized to not only the Pakistan army but also the intelligence agency, ISI. Recently Geo TV accused the ISI chief, Zaheer Ul Islam, for the attacks which saw the Geo TV news anchor, Hamid Mir, […]

Prof. Ibrahim Believes Govt-Army Have Reached a Compromise Over Musharraf

Musharraf Trial for Treason

It was recently reported from Peshawar that the Jamaat E Islami leader, Prof. Ibrahim, came out in the open and stated that he sees the government and the Pakistani army reach a compromise regarding General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf and they are now both allowing him a safe passage. He spoke against this compromise, stating that […]


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