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Johnny Depp hails Tim Burton for successful career

The American actor has showered praise on filmmaker Tim Burton for keeping his faith in him and is grateful to the director for making him into a successful star. He added that Burton is a great friend and has been a fantastic director over the past. Depp claimed that Burton has been vital in his […]

James Cameron: Focus solely on ‘Avatar’ series

The director has claimed that he is completely focussing on one project at the time being which is the sequel to much acclaimed, Avatar. He insisted that he has only directed two films in the last 16 years as he wants to give his all to a project and wants it to be perfect in […]

Matt LeBlanc against the idea of ‘Friends’ movie, reunion

The actor is against the idea of a new series or a movie for the blockbuster show. He stated that there are no plans whatsoever for any such idea and refuted claims made by the media recently. He admitted that there are numerous rumours surrounding the media circle that a movie is being made on […]

Leon – The Professional

Leon – The Professional Plot A 12 year-old orphan girl is taken in by a ruthless assassin who -at her behest – trains her in the art of the hit man. Review Luc Besson follows Nikita and The Big Blue with another of his outrageously plotted, highly improbable but thoroughly enjoyable tales, this time focusing […]

Disney announce ‘Avengers’ sequel

Disney have announced the sequel to their blockbuster hit film ‘Avengers’. The film has been a huge success since its release earlier this month in the United States and had an opening weekend of over $200 million. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the sequel is well on the cards after the sensational success of […]

Forrest Gump – Movie Review

Forrest Gump – Movie Review I’ve never met anyone like Forrest Gump in a movie before, and for that matter I’ve never seen a movie quite like "Forrest Gump." Any attempt to describe him will risk making the movie seem more conventional than it is, but let me try. It’s a comedy, I guess; or […]

Push – Movie Review

Push – Movie Review Push is NBC’s Heroes, if anything ever happened on Heroes besides oh so mysterious prophecies and a litany of excuses to avoid action sequences. Director Paul McGuigan’s movie takes the idea of super powers and attempts to set them in the real world by ditching the spandex costumes and coming up […]

Never Back Down – Movie Review

Never Back Down – Movie Review A new kid in a new school on an entirely new side of the country is an outcast. Martial art is the major source of popularity in this school. He chases a beautiful, blond girl that happens to be the girlfriend of the school bully. This bully then takes […]

Robert Downey Jr. delighted with Avengers success

Robert Downey Jr. has expressed his delight on the success of new movie, ‘The Avengers’. He insisted that the hard work has definitely paid off as the film is being appreciated worldwide. The new outing has already collected $178 million worldwide and has its release in US next week. The actor who plays the role […]

Steven Spielberg: Clint Eastwood is an inspiration

Steven Spielberg insisted that he takes his inspiration from fellow artist Clint Eastwood, who is still working at the age of 81. Spielberg claimed that he has no plans to quit in the near future. He stated that Clint Eastwood is his best friend because of which he gets a lot of motivation to constantly work. […]

Beckinsale excited ahead of ‘Total Recall’ release

Kate Beckinsale is excited ahead of the ‘Total Recall’ release later this year. The actress has admitted that the final product has turned out to be brilliant and is hopeful of the film’s success at the Box Office. Beckinsale claimed that filming an action movie is always very difficult as you have to go through […]

Stellan Skarsgard: I enjoy working with the Marvel team

The Swedish actor has insisted that he thoroughly enjoys working with the Marvel team. He claimed that the production house is one of the best in the business and is looking forward to working with them again after playing a part in the recently released ‘The Avengers’. Skarsgard plays the role of Professor Selvig in […]


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