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Gunman, not terrorist kills more than 10 in Denver Batman Premier Show

Gunman, not terrorist kills more than 10 in Denver Batman Premier Show In what can be termed to be an extremely unfortunate event in the city of Denver, Colorado, in the United States, took place on Friday, July 20, 2012, during the premier show in a local theatre of The Dark Knight Rises, killing more […]

The romantic movie I would like to watch

Every time I switch on the television there is a romantic television series, movie or some other bat crazy romantic thing going on the television. The national television has been the source of a break from this outage of romance but lately they have succumbed to it as well. What turns me off is the […]

Lamb of God’s D. Randall "Randy" Blythe charged with manslaughter – Music News

Lamb of God’s D. Randall "Randy" Blythe charged with manslaughter – Music News The heavy-metal singer D. Randall "Randy" Blythe has been reportedly charged with manslaughter for a suspected dispute at a 2010 Lamb of God show. Lamb of God was scheduled to perform at Rock Cafe in Prague on Thursday, but the show was […]

Katrina Kaif confident of Ek Tha Tiger success

The recently released Teaser Trailer of YRF Film’s latest venture ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ has already gathered over 2.5 million hits and is expected to be a rage when it released this Eid.  Katrina Kaif is excited ahead of the release of the film later this year and has admitted that the film will redefine action […]

Kristen Stewart calls for ‘Snow White’ sequel

The ‘Twilight’ star has admitted that a sequel to ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ would be great. She claimed that there is room for another film and insisted that the movie can be made into a successful franchise. Stewart stated that it would take her no time to agree for the sequel as she knows […]

Hugh Jackman: Wolverine sequel will be better than original

Hugh Jackman expressed his excitement after it was announced that the sequel to the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine would begin in August this year in Australia. The project will finally start after constant delays in production and is expected to release somewhere next year. Jackman claimed that he is very excited with the project […]

Robert Pattinson tired of ‘Twilight’ series

The actor claimed that he has had enough of the role and is looking forward to experience new roles. He admitted that he feels that the character has become a bit monotonous for him and insisted that he wants to try different roles from now on. The final film of the franchise, The Twilight Saga: […]

Kristen Stewart hopeful of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ success

Stewart insisted that she is hopeful of the success of her new movie and revealed how hard it was to prepare for the role. She feels that the whole team has worked really hard for the film and is confident that the movie will fare well at the Box Office. The ‘Twilight’ star claimed that […]

Lamb of god to shot late May 2012 tour

Lamb of God want to spread their music to every inch of the globe if they can, and their latest journey will take them to a place that many American rock bands haven’t been before — the Gaza Strip. reports that the group is taking along an award-winning film production company and will document […]

The Avengers: A movie made in heaven for comic freaks

The Avengers: A movie made in heaven for comic freaks For fans of marvel comics, “The Avengers” movie is the best thing that has happened to them ever since movies on individual adaptations on superheroes started coming out. The movie might have become the 12th film in history to cross the billion dollar mark but […]

Tim Burton: ‘Dark Shadows’ is about weird families

Director Tim Burton has insisted that his new movie ‘Dark Shadows’ is about weird families. He insisted that every family has a unique attribute and the movie explores that. The film’s genre is fantasy and it is about a vampire (Johnny Depp), who is set free after being buried alive for two centuries. He now […]

Skarsgard delighted with the success of ‘Avengers’

The actor has expressed his delight on the huge success of the film and is looking forward to working with Marvel in the sequel of ‘Thor’, which will release next year. Skarsgard plays the role of Professor Selvig in the movie which is the same as he played in the movie ‘Thor’. The actor revealed […]


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