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Separatists shoot down military aircraft in Ukraine

Ukraine military plane shot down

A Ukrainian military transport plane  An-26, that participated in the operation against the separatists in the east of the country, was shot down Monday in the Lugansk region, in the border with Russia, as confirmed by the rival parties, which differ on details, number of crew and apparatus circumstances of the incident. Another Ukrainian military […]

70,000 civilians leave Donetsk in a weekend

civilians flee donetsk

The fear of a coming Ukrainian Army offensive is causing a real exodus in Donetsk, a stronghold of the pro-Russian rebels, whose inhabitants leave the city by thousands. This flight coincides with the worst fighting that has caused 30 deaths among the Ukrainian rows in the past 48 hours, 19 in a mortar attack made […]

EU finds stopping immigration hurts the economy

European Unity

The immigration debate in Europe has been popular myths. The aliens steal jobs from natives, collapse of social services, drain resources from public coffers… The European Commission disputes eight clichés like these in a work on the impact that immigrants have on the continent. The study, presented today in Brussels, provides numbers to counter the […]

Kiev says rebels have killed 23 Ukrainian soldiers

ukraine soldiers killed

At least 23 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed Friday in the Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine, in an attack by separatist rebels reported Shiriak Zorian, director of the Ukrainian Interior Minister. “So far, the information we can give is that there are up to 23 people, although it may be more,” said Shiriak in an […]

A column of Ukrainian tanks take position near Donetsk

Ukraine crisis

A large group of Ukrainian tanks and armored army took position about 23 kilometers south of Donetsk, a major city in eastern taken by the rebels. The military column of a mile long, has advanced in the last hours without going into combat, after arriving Wednesday to Mariupol. In addition, as reported by the Ukrainian […]

Germany discovers another alleged US spy

another us spy discovered in germany

The German authorities are investigating a second case of spying for the United States, following the arrest last week of a German accused of 31 years of work at the same time for the secret service of his country and for U.S.. The German federal prosecutor and criminal police department confirmed Wednesday that records have […]

EU spends 3 times more on shielding borders than on refugees

The human cost of Fortress Europe

The NGO Amnesty International (AI) has released a report on Wednesday that alleged that some 23,000 people have died trying to reach Europe since 2000. In the 44-page document, “The human cost of Fortress Europe: Human rights violations against migrants and refugees at Europe’s borders”, AI accuses the European Union (EU) and Member States to […]

UK will investigate possible cover-up of child abuse in 80s


The British Government has announced the launch of two investigations into child sexual abuse in the 80s of the last century and its possible political cover up. The investigation is a result of the accusations last week against former interior minister in times of Margaret Thatcher, Leon Brittan, who once ignored a report that a […]

Asylum applications increased by 30% in European Union

asylum seekers rate in EU increased

The European Union in 2013 received a record number of applications for asylum: 435,760. The figure represents an increase of 30 % over the previous year, the highest growth seen so far on Community statistics, which is collected uniformly since 2008. Syrian crisis, but also underground conflicts such as Chechnya in Russia, explained in large […]

Berlin calls for a “quick explanation” for case of double agent

Angela Merkel

The German government on Monday considered “very serious” allegations against the alleged double – agent arrested last Wednesday by prosecutors, allegedly leaked information of the Bundestag (Parliament) to the U.S. and has demanded a “quick and precise explanation” by Washington. During an official visit to China, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that if it […]

Scotland ponders cost of its independence from UK

scotland independence refrendum

Will there be a replica of Hadrian’s Wall, the defense that the Romans built to the north of Britain and break the three centuries of shared history between Scotland and the United Kingdom (UK)? . It seems that 307 years of coexistence under the common banner of the Union Jack, efforts and endeavors in building […]

UK planned to train and equip 100,000 Syrian rebels

british plan to train syrian rebels

The UK plans designed to train and equip 100,000 Syrian rebels in order to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, according to the BBC revealed today. The initiative was rejected by Prime Minister David Cameron, the National Security Council and several senior U.S. officials as “too risky”. The plan was introduced two years ago by the then […]


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