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China’s Eyes On Pakistan As Prospective Market

In a visit to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Tuesday, a delegation of Chinese investors representing different companies displayed their desire to explore Pakistan’s steel, energy, cement and several other sectors for investment and mutual ventures. Members of the entourage consisting of representatives of Zonergy Company Limited, Hebei Weilang Import and Export […]

US: Pakistan’s Request to Join NSG to be Determined Unanimously

The United States maintained that Pakistan’s application to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), which was submitted last week in Vienna, will be determined by a consensus. A statement issued in Islamabad said, “The decision to seek participation in the export control regime reflects Pakistan’s strong support for international efforts to prevent […]

Media Reports: Xinjiang Residents Must Present DNA To Obtain Passports

Xinjiang, a border district containing most of China’s Muslims now has a rule that residents applying for passports must provide DNA samples, according to official local media. The official Yili Daily reported that from the first of June, residents of the Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in China’s far northwest must present the police with DNA […]

Pakistan Parliament First in the World to Go Green

Pak Parliament Solar Panel

In the coming six months Pakistan’s parliament will hold the distinction of being the first in the world to go green, switching over to solar energy for its power needs. The announcement was made by Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Speaker of the National Assembly, at the ceremony held for signing the Letter of Exchange between Pakistan […]

China imprison prominent Uyghur scholar for life

Ilham Tohti

Life imprisonment and confiscation of all his property. This is the statement that a Chinese court has imposed for “encouraging separatism ” Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti, 44 years and a very moderate line defender of the rights of their ethnicity. With this conviction, harder than in years China has imposed an activist against the central […]

China and Pakistan mutually agreed to postpone Xi Jinging’s visit

Xi Jinping

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang has said in a statement on September 6 2014 that state visit of President Xi Jinging to Pakistan was postponed with mutual agreement. Qin Gang said, “China and Pakistan have been maintaining communication for some time on President’s Xi Jinping’s state visit to Pakistan in mid September, and have […]

Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan cancelled

Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly cancelled his first visit to Pakistan scheduled from September 14 to September 16 due to security concerns in the capital Islamabad. Chinese president is also visiting Indian and Sri Lanka later this month. Analysts consider the cancellation of the visit as a major setback for Pakistan. It has been […]

Police in Hong Kong used pepper gases on a protest against China

hong kong protest

Hong Kong activists fighting for more democracy today boycotted the visit of Chinese envoy to explain the restrictive electoral reform imposed by Beijing. Police enclave has had to use pepper spray to disperse the activists who have stormed loudly in a building close to the area where the general secretary of the Standing Committee of […]

Long beards and wearing veils not allowed on buses in Chinese city

Xinjiang muslims

The administration of a a Chinese city of Karamay in the Xinjiang region has banned people with long beards and wearing veils to board the buses, Karamay Daily reported on Monday August 4, 2014. People violating the rules will be reported to police for prosecution. Authorities in Urumqi had banned carrying water bottles and cigarette […]

Earthquake killed almost 400 people in southwest China

china earthquake

At least 381 people died, 1,800 were injured and dozens are missing after a 6.3 earthquake occur on the Richter scale on Sunday in Yunnan province, in southwestern China, according to the latest official figures provided by the agency Xinhua. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the depth was less than a mile (1,600 meters). […]

69 killed in deadly blast at car parts factory in China

car parts factory blast kills 69 in china

A strong explosion in a factory in the eastern province of Jiangsu has caused at least 69 dead and hundreds injured, as confirmed on Saturday the Chinese state media, citing government sources. The Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that the explosion happened at around 7:30 am (local time) on Saturday in the city of Kunshan […]

Dozens killed and wounded in a knife attack in Xinjiang

Xinjiang knife attack

A group of assailants with knives killed and injured dozens of people in Kashgar Prefecture, in the autonomous province of Xinjiang, in northwestern China. Official media has declared the attack as a “terrorist ” act, a concept that is becoming more present in the Chinese media, and particularly affecting the provinces where there is a […]


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