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China’s former Minister of Security investigated for corruption

Zhou Yongkang

Zhou Yongkang, former member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Security and former minister during the tenure of former president, Hu Jintao, is under investigation for corruption, as announced on Tuesday the Chinese government official sources collected by the state news agency Xinhua. Until now, a member of the Politburo Standing Committee of […]

U.S. and China strengthen military and counter-terrorism cooperation

china usa confrontation would be disasterous

United States and China have signed an agreement to strengthen their military cooperation against terrorism. This was reported by the Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi on Thursday at the end of the sixth annual round of talks between the two countries. The deal was done at a time of estrangement between the two countries, due […]

Chinese President warns US and China confrontation would be a disaster

china usa confrontation would be disasterous

A confrontation between China and the U.S. would be a disaster for both countries and the world in general, has warned Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday to start the sixth annual round of China-US dialogue. The two-day talks in Beijing, called the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, come at a time of estrangement between the […]

Pakistan Eyes $40billion Investment from China

It has been proposed by Beijing that they are willing to make an investment worth $40 billion as they are trying to penetrate through the Pakistani market. Pakistan is currently the first priority target market for China because they can see a lot of potential in it. Moreover, the biggest deep sea port in the […]

China combines enforcement and aid to curb Uighur separatism


The Silk Road. A land of opportunity. A territory rich in natural resources. These stereotypes of Chinese citizens on the Chinese border province of Xinjiang, mainly inhabited by ethnic Uighurs, came on top of a very different image on July 5, 2009: that of violence. Today, Xinjiang fulfills the fifth anniversary of the worst riots […]

China Eyes Railway Project Linking to Pakistan

It was recently reported from China that currently a group of researchers are trying to work out a way to link Pakistan and China through a railway project that will connect the Xinjiang province to Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan and China have always been close allies and have worked on several projects together. This […]

China to Develop and Finance Airport in Gwadar

It was recently reported from Islamabad that China is willing to finance an airport in the port city of Balochistan, Gwadar. The development in this particular port city has always been halted due to the fact that there are certain security concerns. At times the locals and sometimes foreign militants interfere with the matters that […]

Gwadar Port to Facilitate Trade with China and Central Asia

It was recently reported from Karachi that the Gwadar Port is now going to function as a centre of trade to not only facilitate China but also to provide goods and services to Central Asia.   A Chinese delegation recently came to Pakistan in order to discuss the matters and it was revealed that they […]

Multibillion Rupees to be Allocated for Projects


It was recently reported from Islamabad that during the upcoming budget of 2014-2015, the government is expected to finance multibillion rupees mega development projects in Pakistan. These projects include the likes of Lahore-Karachi motorway, Metro Bus Service and other projects which are going to be collaboration between Pakistan and China. These projects include road linkages, […]

19 Chinese Groups to Invest in Pakistan

It was recently reported from Karachi that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has come out in the open in order to back the Pakistani economy. They are willing to back them up with certain investments that are going to take place in Pakistan and will be made by certain Chinese organizations. Sources claim […]

Prime Minsiter to Leave for China Today

nawaz sharif

It was recently reported from Islamabad that the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, is going to depart for China today in order to attend the 2014 Boao Forum for Asia which is taking place in the Hainan province of the neighbouring country. Pakistan and China have always been good allies and […]

Black Box for Malaysian Airline Still Not Found

malaysian plane australia

The Malaysian Airline MH370 has been found through the Chinese satellite; however, the race is still on to find the black box. MH370 disappeared into thin air with absolutely no trace of where it went.   After almost 3 weeks of searching, Australian and Chinese satellites caught a few of the plane’s parts in the […]


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