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PM Nawaz Sharif announces six schemes for youth

Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, Saturday announced launching of six schemes for welfare of youth with initial allocations of twenty billion rupees.   Addressing the nation over Radio and Television networks, he said these programmes are aimed at creating self-employment opportunities for youth and are in fulfillment of its election manifesto. He said the micro-interest free loan […]

Motorola releases new Razr models in the midst of hot releases from smartphone manufacturers

Motorola released three new smartphones on Wednesday to expand the Motorola Razr family. Google acquired the smartphone manufacturer Motorola Mobility earlier this year and the new handsets are the first release under the Razr banner after the buyout. The new handsets are Motorola Razr M, Motorola Razr HD and Motorola Razr Maxx HD. The company, […]

Top Crime Thrillers: Part Two

Top Crime Thrillers: Part Two 5. Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs is a 1992 crime film which depicts the events before and after a diamond heist, but not the heist itself. It was released on October 23rd, 1992 and distributed by Miramax Films. Quentin Tarantino made his debut as a director and he was also the […]

The Town: A review

The Town is a story of four robbers whose mission is to rob banks and collect money which fulfils their need. There major weapon is to disguise people and deprive them of their holdings like cash, credit cards, cars etc. The film has been directed by Ben Affleck and written by Peter Craig. The main […]

The Mechanic: A must-watch crime thriller

The Mechanic is a story of a hit-man who later has to transfer his trade to an apprentice who has a very close connection to one of his previous victims. They become best friends and perform same duties together before the apprentice comes to know a bitter-truth. The plot has been directed by Simon West […]

No Strings Attached: A Sexually-charged Romantic Comedy

No Strings Attached is undoubtedly a boring effort to make people laugh and the plot could have been portrayed in a much better manner than using the sexual effects. It is a story of a troubled relationship between two old classmates who never knew if they were in love with each other but still were […]

Mr Brooks: A dramatic mystery

Mr. Brooks is a dramatic mystery of three Psycho cases with one mission i:e to kill people for the sake of entertainment. The plot has been directed by Bruce A. Evans and written by Bruce and Raynold Gideon. The main cast includes Kevin Costner as ‘Earl Brooks’, Demi Moore as ‘detective Tracy Atwood’, Dane Cook […]

Dial ‘M’ for murder: A Review

Dial ‘M’ for murder is one of the best suspense stories presented by Alfred Hitchcock and is portrayed in the best possible manner. All the thrill and suspense lovers must watch the film which involves around three people, two men and a woman. It is the story of a murder plot set against a house […]

Latest installment of the Bond franchise slated for November next year

Latest installment of the Bond franchise slated for November next year After a wait of three years, the Bond franchise is back with their 23rd installment, which sees Daniel Craig featuring in his third outing as a British secret agent. The movie is set roll in the British theatres on 23rd of October, while its […]


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