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Nokia launches another cheap smartphone

Nokia, who have been competing with Appleā€™s iPhone in the smartphone industry, has launched another smartphone Asha 310 after their earlier too Lumia models arguably failed to live up to expectations. The Finnish company came up with a plan but failed to convince their respective users to start using Windows operating system. They even tried to increase their […]

Chine losing the battle, Industry retuning to US

China is considered to be the fastest growing economy, but things are not as simple as they look. Attracted by subsidies, cheap labour, and tax regulations, several American-based manufacturers shifted their business to China in the recent years. However, the situation has changed now. The manufactures, who brought millions of jobs to China a few […]

Nokia doubles Lumia sales In fourth quarter: Elop

Nokia has surprisingly passed to the fourth quarter higher than it was expected in the forecasts of the Finnish-based company. Among other data, the technology giants have confirmed that it sold 4.4 million Lumia phones in the last quarter. Positive data have uplifted the company’s stock to reach 18 percent in the Helsinki Stock Exchange, […]

Nokia set to launch Windows RT tablet this year

It seems that Nokia is preparing to take the plunge. According to sources the Finnish company, specializing in a new field having led the pole position in the market of mobile phones. Nokia prepares for the third quarter of 2013 by launching a 10-inch tablet equipped with Windows operating system. Finnish online publication, meanwhile, has also published the […]

Struggling Nokia sells their headquarters in Finland

Nokia, once the leading mobile phone company that rules the initial years of the technology revelation in mobile industry, has just sold its headquarters, located in the Bay of Keilaniemi, in the town of Espoo, just outside Helsinki. The sale is a part of the operation to get rid of non-core assets in their struggle to […]

Apple and Samsung lead the race in Smartphone sector

The smartphone industry is all about the two technology giants in recent years: Samsung and Apple respectively. However, Samsung have extended their lead over Apple in the world of Smartphones (35% vs. 17%) in the third quarter. Nokia, that remained on the top of this sector for many years on the other hand, dropped down to the 6th place […]

Struggling Nokia takes a big hit on Smartphone sale

While the patent war continue to take the headlines for quite some time between Samsung and Apple, Nokia were backed to reap the benefit by launching a similar smartphone that can challenge the top two companies in the race to become technology giant. However, the Finish-based company has failed to deliver as per their expectations […]

Microsoft returns to music with Xbox

Microsoft puts music to the console and computers. The service is free and unlimited for the users at the moment for an unspecified promotional period.  For those who have the Xbox (67 million units sold since its launch) the service is activated on Tuesday morning, while for computers and tablets will begin next week, coinciding with the […]

Microsoft set to unveil new operating system for mobiles

It’s official. Microsoft will launch details of their latest operating system, Windows 8 on October 29 during a ceremony in San Francisco (California). The technology giants are expected to tell the details of its new operating system for mobile devices. The arrival of the new handsets announced by Nokia and HTC in market looks like […]

Nokia shares fall after launching Lumia

Stock markets have responded enthusiastically to Wednesday’s presentation of the new Nokia mobile. The stock fell at home by 13% while in the United States it gradually decreased by 16%. Lumia, which claims bright colours in telephone industry and image technology, does not seem to attract users after their lack of details on pricing, dates of sale […]

Nokia release of Lumia 920 and 820 not taken warm heartedly, shares fall 11 percent

Nokia is still struggling for a strong footing in the smartphone market. The recent downfall in its shares was a clear example that the Finnish company has still not convinced its investors enough. The company launched new Lumia handsets at an event in New York City on Wednesday, September 5. The new Lumia 920 and […]

Samsung releases Ativ S, the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone

Samsung revealed its new Windows Phone 8 smartphone, Ativ S, in Berlin at the IFA electronics show 2012. The Korean company took the lead in releasing the first WP8 phone to the public. It will run on the latest iteration of the Windows Phone and a dual-core processor. Even at first glance, the new Ativ […]


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