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Major tech companies expected to launch mobile devices in September

September and October will be the busiest schedule for both technology companies and press. Major players like Apple, Google, Motorola, Microsoft and Amazon are expected to showcase their products to the public. Samsung, recently humbled by Apple in a legal court case over patent infringements, took the leap ahead of its rivals. The Korean company […]

Nokia loses more than 1,400 million Euros in the second quarter

The Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has reported total losses amounting to 1,410 million Euros in the second quarter, compared to 368 million Euros in the same period of 2011. The company has experienced a significant drop of 18.6% of their income and 5% in the number of units sold under the pressure from manufacturers like Apple or Samsung. Specifically, turnover totalled […]

Microsoft releases new Windows Phone 8, expected to hit the market in Fall 2012 – Part 1

Microsoft released the new version of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8 on Tuesday, June 20. The new operating system is of imperial importance to the Windows-makers in the smartphone industry. The company’s latest contracts with Nokia, Samsung and HTC have earned it a great deal of recognition in the phone market but still […]

Microsoft releases new Windows Phone 8, expected to hit the market in Fall 2012 – Part 2

The main reason for the limitation on WP8 upgrade is the prerequisite hardware. The new operating system will use dual-core processors that will be also be NFC-enabled. Moreover, the new phone will also have over-the-air update mechanism. The users will not have to connect the phone Windows PCs to install an update in the new […]

Microsoft releases new Windows Phone 8, expected to hit the market in Fall 2012 – Part 3

Windows Phone has been lying on the shorter side of the stick in terms of cellular carriers. So far only AT&T has been the major contactor with Microsoft on WP platform with the biggest number of phones in its portfolio. T-Mobile has a contract with Nokia, which ultimately sells Windows phones. Verizon and Sprint only […]

The best unlocked smartphones available in every market – Part 1

The US and UK mobile communications markets play a different music than almost the rest of the world. Most of the premium smartphones are offered by cellular carriers with contracts. This brings the prices exponentially low. However, these phones and most of the others are available at full, non-subsidized prices in the rest of the […]

The best unlocked smartphones available in every market – Part 2

The best part is its price. The unlocked version is available at $500. LG Optimus 3D Max Like the Optimus 3D, the new handset from the Korean company is unlocked in all over the world, even in the US. The phone is supposedly an upgrade to the last year’s iteration with passive 3D technology but […]

Nokia to lay of 10,000 employees worldwide

Nokia, the Finnish mobile phone company, is set to lay off 10,000 workers worldwide until the end of 2013, said the company sources on Thursday. Nokia, with a worldwide workforce of 130,000 employees, has announced a broad restructuring plan that seeks to recover the lost profitability in recent months by a sharp cut operating costs […]

Nokia downsizing, plans to cut 10,000 jobs – International News

Nokia fell 39.6 cents to 1.83 euros at the close of trading in Helsinki, bringing the stock’s decline in the past 12 months to 58 percent. The company has a market value of 6.8 billion euros ($8.6 billion), down from a peak of more than 300 billion euros in 2000. These are the circumstances that […]

Google accuses Microsoft and Nokia

Google has filed a formal complaint in the European Union against Microsoft and Nokia for "conspiring" with the joint use of its patents to litigate against their rivals in the mobile phone industry. In the complaint, Google has said that Microsoft and Nokia have formed a group called MOSAID, where 1,200 patents have been transferred and would be responsible […]

Nokia Lumia 900 arrives in Spain

Nokia has recently added two new Windows Phones to their catalog. Nokia Lumia 900 and 610 models, which complement the existing models: 800 and 710 respectively. The phones that come with the window operating system, front camera and 4.3 inch screen goes on sale for only 575 Euros, 90 Euros above their most powerful model, Lumia 800. […]

Global mobile phone sales down 2 percent in Q1 2012 compared to same year-earlier quarter

Mobile sales have declined over the course of one year in the worldwide market and the major decline was in the Asian market. A recent survey report from Gartner reveals the sales and shipment results in the first quarter of 2012 of the top ten major mobile phone vendors in the world. There was a […]


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