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Samsung sees record profit on record sales

The Korean automaker re expecting their operating profit reach a record of 8.1 trillion won (5.607 million Euros) for the third quarter of its fiscal year, 91% more than a year ago, driven by the sales of its Galaxy Smartphones. Samsung, who are the main rival of the technology giants Apple, announced a profit despite […]

Microsoft’s profit falls this quarter

Microsoft’s net profit fell 22% in the June-September quarter, an announcement that came a week before they presented their new operating system, Windows 8 and hinted at shifting towards electronic tablets. The net gain in terms of Microsoft, which in the current third quarter of its fiscal year starts, stood at 4.466 million dollars, because […]

Apple ignores Java on Mac OS X

Apple has decided to remove the software’s including Oracle and Java, to the operating system for Mac OS X. Through an update released on Wednesday, Apple has removed the plug-in Java on all browsers for Mac One of the reasons for their sudden decision may be due to security issues emerged in April, which affected the Macs in […]

Struggling Nokia takes a big hit on Smartphone sale

While the patent war continue to take the headlines for quite some time between Samsung and Apple, Nokia were backed to reap the benefit by launching a similar smartphone that can challenge the top two companies in the race to become technology giant. However, the Finish-based company has failed to deliver as per their expectations […]

Lenovo set to defeat HP in home computing

There is little arguing to the statement that HP is no longer the world’s largest manufacturer of computers. According to a survey, which says it has 15.5% of the market compared to 15.7% of China’s Lenovo. However, some reports suggest that HP’s profit margin is ahead of the Chinese brand in the technology sector. It would be the […]

Schmidt believes the fight between Apple and Samsung will continue

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, has talked about the increasing competition between his company and the technology giants, Apple.  In an interview, Schmidt has pointed out that he has never seen a war between two companies as currently in the mobile phone industry. "This is good for the consumer; this has caused a drastic drop in prices." Schmidt added […]

Microsoft set to unveil new operating system for mobiles

It’s official. Microsoft will launch details of their latest operating system, Windows 8 on October 29 during a ceremony in San Francisco (California). The technology giants are expected to tell the details of its new operating system for mobile devices. The arrival of the new handsets announced by Nokia and HTC in market looks like […]

La tableta se come al Ultrabook

A year after their promising debut, the Ultrabook failed to meet the users and company’s expectations. There is little arguing to the statement that it’s neither light nor cheap nor quick. The union of the major computer manufacturers, major chip makers and the leading manufacturers of software is worth nothing to the consumer. The invention of portable Ultrabook, born […]

Google and Apple on fast track in capturing consumer market, says report

Google and Apple are giving other smartphone makers a run for their lives by gouging out their market shares. A latest report suggests that Apple is growing faster than even Google in capturing mobile phone market. Google remains second in terms of growth. The report from research firm ComScore says that Google’s Android operating system […]

Google surpasses Microsoft in terms of Market value

The escalation of the last three months Google has turned into surprise. The comeback of the owner of the Android platform for mobile devices has now temporarily exceeded Microsoft in terms of market capitalization. The Google shares have been climbed up the table by $ 760 unit, which simultaneously has distanced themselves from $ 675 of Apple, […]

Apple set to unveil their new mini tablet

Fortune has set a date for the launch of the Apple tablet iPad Mini as October 17. While MacRumors, the Apple rumour site says that the tablet is being produced in factories outside China after the growing reputation of the Chinese products. Back in the days before the last show of Apple, in mid-September, there […]

Future of fabless semiconductor companies in clouds, a report says

Fabless semiconductor firms are expected to face low demand in their products in the coming months, said a report from Jefferies & Co. Fabless firms develop the designs of semiconductor chips and then outsource the making to other manufacturing firms called foundries. This helps them achieve and maintain premium manufacturing standards. However, their competitors like […]


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