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Ballmer blames Microsoft for being late in the tablet market

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, blamed and self criticized his own company in a shareholders’ meeting on innovation of their products in the past year as well as for its financial results. Ballmer revealed that the technology giants acted like a tortoise in the ongoing race of innovation and were second best in adopting them to new […]

Microsoft returns to music with Xbox

Microsoft puts music to the console and computers. The service is free and unlimited for the users at the moment for an unspecified promotional period.  For those who have the Xbox (67 million units sold since its launch) the service is activated on Tuesday morning, while for computers and tablets will begin next week, coinciding with the […]

Ballmer drops massive hint of launching smartphone

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, has hinted at launching their first ever mobile and insisted that more laptop style devices Surface are in the pipeline in his annual letter to shareholders. The technology giants are arguably a pioneer in the world of the video games ahead of Sony. Microsoft, who introduced the computer processors initially, launched Xbox […]

Microsoft set to unveil new operating system for mobiles

It’s official. Microsoft will launch details of their latest operating system, Windows 8 on October 29 during a ceremony in San Francisco (California). The technology giants are expected to tell the details of its new operating system for mobile devices. The arrival of the new handsets announced by Nokia and HTC in market looks like […]

Nokia shares fall after launching Lumia

Stock markets have responded enthusiastically to Wednesday’s presentation of the new Nokia mobile. The stock fell at home by 13% while in the United States it gradually decreased by 16%. Lumia, which claims bright colours in telephone industry and image technology, does not seem to attract users after their lack of details on pricing, dates of sale […]

Windows 8 due to release in 2012

Windows 8 due to release in 2012 Following the success of Windows 7, the Microsoft is set to release a new version of its operating system in 2012. The Microsoft Window 8 version will hit the shelves in the New Year. The next version will have many changes from the previous versions. The upcoming version […]


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