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Why the judicial restraint?

Why the judicial restraint? Lately, there have been calls from legal fraternities demanding from judicial restraint from a court that is bent for rule of law and the constitution. While for some, the call for this restraint might be justified on grounds of the reason that a fragile democracy must be provided with the room […]

Who sets our national agendas?

Who sets our national agendas? As a nation, do we have a clear roadmap to follow? This perhaps is the question of the day. The world knows us as a nation which is always ready to change its stances over issues and to take the u-turns. We don’t stick to our words and always prefer […]

Cast your vote if you want to bring change

In democracy, change comes through different ways and mostly with an evolutionary process where a trend is set by starting a clear voting process. In other words, democracy is the refection of the people’s desires. In most countries, elections attract enormous public attention and this is not surprising as these political exercises constitute the heart […]

Democracy is the best revenge – but from whom?

Democracy is the best revenge – but from whom? After being a victim of forced exile at the hands of a dictatorial regime, when Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister and chairperson Pakistan People’s Party returned to Pakistan, she was expected to mobilize masses against the then president Pervaiz Musharraf and to struggle for ousting […]

Democracy in Pakistan only because of Chief Justice: Aitzaz Ahsan

Lahore: Renowned lawyer, intellectual and Pakistan People’s Party’s prominent leader, Aitzaz Ahsan said here today that the credit of restoration of democracy in Pakistan goes to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He said if he (CJ) had not stood against the dictator, Pervez Musharraf would still have ruled the country. Aitzaz, who was addressing a […]

HRCP proposes roadmap for a democratic Pakistan

Islamabad, August 12: Pakistan’s survival depends on strengthening the democratic process so as to remove the tensions and imbalance in civil and military relations and ensure that all institutions of the state play their role in the well being of the people within their parameters. This was the consensus at a consultation organized by the Human […]

US condemns Belarus expelling the Swedish ambassador

Washington: (Friday, August 10, 2012) The United States of America has condemned Belarus expelling the Swedish ambassador and ordering the entire diplomatic staff to leave the country. While condemning the act, the US maintained that indulgence into such acts will only add up to the international isolation Belarus is already suffering from. In a press […]

First Democratic Transition in Pakistan to be Crucial

For the first time in Pakistan’s short, but intense and crucial history, the nation will be witnessing the first ever transition between actual democratic governments.   Many might think that the 2008 general elections was the transition but that was definitely not as the previous government was under a martial law dictator who came into […]

Govt will ensure fair polls: PM Ashraf

Islamabad: (Tuesday, August 07, 2012) Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said here on Monday that the government was determined to hold free, fair and transparent elections. He said it was essential to install and strengthen the democratic process in the country. Ashraf, who was talking to the journalists here after an Iftar dinner at the […]

President, Prime Minister enjoy complete immunity: Farooq Naek

Islamabad: (Saturday, July 28, 2012) Farooq H Naek, the federal minister for Law, said here today that all the actions taken by the President, the Prime Minister and the ministers have complete constitutional immunity under article 242 of the constitution and that they cannot be challenged. Talking to the journalists here outside the Sindh High […]

HRCP stresses political parties to act responsibly for the sake of democracy

Lahore: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed serious concern at looming dangers for the democratic dispensation in the country and called upon the political parties to realise their responsibility to avert threats to democracy. The HRCP Policy Planning Committee, the highest policy making body of HRCP, which met here urged the political parties to ensure a smooth transfer […]

Glad Parliament will fulfill its tenure: Gilani

Glad Parliament will fulfill its tenure: Gilani Lahore: Former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said here today that it was important for the assembly to complete its five year tenure, not for the prime minister. Gilani, who is visiting Lahore for the first time after his disqualification by the Supreme Court, while talking to the […]


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