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Chine losing the battle, Industry retuning to US

China is considered to be the fastest growing economy, but things are not as simple as they look. Attracted by subsidies, cheap labour, and tax regulations, several American-based manufacturers shifted their business to China in the recent years. However, the situation has changed now. The manufactures, who brought millions of jobs to China a few […]

Windows 8 reaches 60 million licenses

The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, has sold 60 million licenses to date, including both sales updates as OEMs for new devices. Windows 8 was presented in October 2012 with new features in the interface design, among others. The software company gave a twist over previous versions, betting on an interface that adapts to both […]

Apple store hits 40 billion downloads: 20 billion in 2012

Apple Inc. has announced that their customers downloaded more than 40,000 million applications (apps) in 2012. The App Store have more than 500 million active accounts and holds a massive record of most downloads in the month of December. The developer community has created more than 775,000 apps for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch worldwide, and […]

HTC profit falls by 91 percent

The net profit of the Taiwanese company HTC fell by 91% in the fourth quarter compared with the same period last year, due to competition from Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy range. The manufacturer has suffered a sharp drop in its value since the second half of 2011, after a fairytale career when he built […]

Gartner expecting extensive market for Smartphones

More than a billion smartphones and tablets will be sold in 2013 out of which 70% of the smartphones will be sold this year, according to “Gartner” a survey which organized a session in Barcelona to discuss the impact of mobility in business, "For most businesses, smartphones and tablets will not replace entirely the fish but the ubiquities of […]

Microsoft Blames Google for Poor Windows Phone

Microsoft has responded to the agreement reached between Google and the Officials of U.S. Trade (FTC) to not penalize the search for antitrust violations. Microsoft had encouraged the FTC pressure, through group, to punish Google practices regarding competition and therefore has seen with regret that Google came out unscathed 20-month investigation, which does not promote […]

FTC backs Google to continue expansion

Google are expanding their dominance in the search engine market, unwilling to eliminate competition but to improve their services. This is the conclusion of the Federal Office of U.S. Trade (FTC) after 20 months of investigation into whether Google skews competition results. The American firm wants to improve their search results and user experience and have a desire to […]

Google working on launching X-phone

Though Google closed down many of its European subsidiaries (including the Spanish) and although they sold their assets in China by acquiring Motorola patents, Google wants to finally make a high-end mobile themselves. X Phone is the name by which, according to The Wall Street Journal , internally called this project which will be released in 2013 and will put […]

Google avoids 2 billion dollar tax via Bermuda

Google have avoided paying 2000 million dollars (about 1,550 million Euros) with respect to taxes, to by shifting a shell company in Bermuda 9900 billion, double the previous three years. They were successful in cutting down the ratio of the proposed tax to reportedly half value after legally funnelling profits from their overseas subsidies into Bermuda, […]

Google reaches agreement with Belgian publishers without paying

The search engine giants, Google, has reached an agreement with Belgian publishers after a six-year conflict during which the press published in that country did not appear in the search engine results. The case began in 2006 when editors demanded Google to pay to place their results in extracts of the news, as well as […]

Google Shuts Down Shopping Service in China

Western technology giants are planning to close on of their few offices in China. The search engine Google has taken another step backward to implement downsizing strategy in the country to close down service shopping. "In order to better optimize resources, we have decided to close our shopping search service in China. The original intent of this […]

Google+ manages 135 million active users

The Google+ social network has 135 million users, according to their own data but the potential is reportedly 500 million. The number of people who are more or less active in this network is much smaller than Facebook or the phenomenon of the year, Pinterest. Following a year and a half, with any other network would be a […]


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