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Apple will launch the iPad Mini in October, sources confirm

September 12 launch event is solely dedicated to the new version of iPhone Apple will probably release the new and smaller iPad, claimed by many sources to named as iPad Mini, in October 2012. ATD’s John Paczkowski reported earlier that a number of authentic sources have confirmed that the new tablet will not be shown […]

Apple nips the evil in the bud, wins the patent infringement case against Samsung – Part 1

Apple won the historic patents infringement case against its biggest rival, the Korean electronics company Samsung Electronics at the District Court in San Jose, Northern California. The 9-member jury passed the final verdict penalizing Samsung with a total of $1.05 billion ($1,049,393,540 precisely) in intellectual property damages. Samsung had filed a countersuit but did not […]

Apple nips the evil in the bud, wins the patent infringement case against Samsung – Part 2

The case was touted as patent infringement lawsuit of the decade. Samsung was quick to respond on the verdict. The lead attorney released the following statement: “Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially […]

Apple expected to release new iPhone, iPad Mini and reiterated iPad this September

Apple’s keynotes are nearly the alleged even date, September 12, and the rumour mill is in full swing. The latest wave has leaked a picture of the circuit the is said to be a part of the new iPhone, anticipated by most as the iPhone 5. A tech blog SmartPhone Medic has assembled the circuit […]

Facebook launches a new app Facebook 5.0 for iPhone and iPad

Facebook has launched the new version of its app for the iPad and iPhone called Facebook 5.0. The application is available on Apple’s AppStore. The social network claimed that the new version has more features and works faster than the previous iterations. The scrolling down the notifications and feeds has become faster and users can […]

Pinterest comes to Android and iPhone

Pinterest are set to unveil their new applications for its social networking pin board services in Android and iPhone applications. They decided to present their latest offering after they shed their invitation-only policy last week. "It may sound funny, but our goal has never been to keep you online," the company said. "Instead, we want […]

Apple empties stocks with discounted iPhone 4S to make room for the new iPhone version 2012

Apple is clearing out its inventory of current iPhones ahead of the expected September launch of its next-generation handset. Retailers and wireless carriers are offering discounts on the iPhone 4S to empty their shelves to make room for Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone, informally called the iPhone 5. Apple has not disclosed plans for its next iPhone, […]

iMore: Apple expected to release iPhone 5 on September 12 – Apple Rumours

Apple has always been tightly totted along in the rumours when a new iPhone inches near its launch. iMore, an online blog mainly dedicated to news related to Apple products, has revealed that the new iPhone will be launched on September 21, 2012. According to accredited technology news website, citing iMore’s claims, stated, “iMore says […]

Apple Rumours: A thinner and taller touch screen and nano-SIMs to arrive with the new iPhone – Part 1

The new iPhone is allegedly releasing in October, 2012 but talking about what new it is bringing is always fun to talk about. Although the company brings are satisfying smartphone to the market, there are always desires surrounding it. And above all, it is always fun to talk about and anticipate the phone. The new […]

Apple Rumours: A thinner and taller touch screen and nano-SIMs to arrive with the new iPhone – Part 2

In recent developments, the new iPhone will be first Apple mobile device to incorporate the 19-pin smaller dock connector. This will give more room on the bottom of the device for a headphone jack, which for now rests on the top of the iPhone. Release Date The majority consensus is that the new iPhone will […]

Apple Rumours: A thinner and taller touch screen and nano-SIMs to arrive with the new iPhone – Part 3

In-Cell Technology The new screen is also expected to be quite thinner incorporating a new technology that will embed the LCD and the touch sensors into one consolidated layer that will help in substantially decreasing the depth of the device. Already in production at Sharp, LG Display, and Japan Display, the new screen will also […]

Musubo’s lime green Ripple Case is easy to handle and prominent to detect – Part 1

Your iPhone needs every bit of protection, not only because it is a delicate product but also because it has long line of cases out there in the market that range from innovative to weird. Case-makers make millions of dollars in revenues because of the omnipresence of the handset. It is costly and needs extra […]


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