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Audience share dive 67 percent after the fear Apple might scratch contract

Shares of audio enhancement chip makers, Audience, fell a whopping 67 percent late Thursday, a near-crash experience. The slide started after the company announced that its biggest purchaser Apple will not be buying the merchandise anymore. Audience develop and manufacture voice enhancement chips for electronic gadgets that boast voice calls. Their products discern the background […]

90% of computer-owing homes subscribed to broadband but disparities in computer ownership, says research

Broadband internet is one of most widely used electronic technology in virtually every field of life and United States being the top subscriber has the densest use of it. However, in the latest findings by a research company, Leichtman Research Group, the odds are not all showing prosperity. According to the research, about 90 percent […]

OmniVision shares rise as it beats the analysts estimated revenue target

OmniVision Technologies saw a rise in its shares on Friday as it announced the quarterly report to the public late Thurday. According to the report, the company beat analysts’ views on the revenues and boosted confidence among investors. In the first fiscal quarter ended July 31, the company reported revenues of $258.1 Million that were […]

In Easy Steps: In selecting the best laptop go for the basics – Part 1

Shopping cannot be described in a single word. For some, it is a habit; for some, is a hectic task; some are addicted to it, and for other it is a tricky job to complete. For the later mentioned niche, it becomes even trickier when it comes to electronic devices. It is bit easier to […]

In Easy Steps: In selecting the best laptop go for the basics – Part 2

Then further probing into the spec-sheet, look for the basic things as processor kind, hard drive options and RAM. Though every OEM offers the best that is available in the market, sometimes the competitor offers Core i5 instead of Core i3 for the same price, sometimes there is a considerable difference in the RAM capacity. […]

In Easy Steps: In selecting the best laptop go for the basics – Part 3

Once at the shop, take your time to scrutinize every one of the alternatives. Though the steps are very basic, they need to be given ample time so that the purchase has little margin for errors. The first and foremost is the booting time. Boot every one of the laptops from a complete shutdown. Allow […]

In Easy Steps: In selecting the best laptop go for the basics – Part 4

However, most people do not know that there are matte screen alternatives available in the market; almost every one of the OEMs offers matte screen laptops. It is just not always mentioned clearly online. However, user reviews and forums can get the information. Moreover, there are other alternatives to glossy screens. Apple has recently release […]

Intel’s third-gen Ivy Bridge processors: What effect do they have on Pakistani market? – Part 1

It has been more than a month since the release of Intel Corporation’s new Ivy Bridge processors and a number of laptops and desktops have been rolled out by the likes of Asus, Acer and Lenovo. The semi-conductor company’s strategy however, has changed this year. They released the top-end quad-core Core i7 processors first with […]

Intel’s third-gen Ivy Bridge processors: What effect do they have on Pakistani market? – Part 2

Moreover, the new processors have new integrated graphics cards, HD4000. Though they might not be at par with NVIDIA GeForce graphics GPUs but they are efficient in processing general visuals and even high-end graphics-hungry applications like Adobe Photoshop. When it comes to graphics, these laptops are high-end. Though they might not be able to manage […]

Gaming laptops: What they offer and how they differ from other notebooks?

There have risen a number of gaming laptops in the market of late, especially after the launch of Intel’s new line of processors and NVIDIA’s new iterations of high-end graphics cards. Milking these new technologies in laptops is a great way to offer replacements to desktops. However, with performance comes a compromise on size and […]

Windows 8-based PCs and tablet will not be inexpensive – Tech Experts reveal

Microsoft is betting all of its money on the new operating system it plans to release in the second half of 2012. The new Windows 8 has been hyped as multi-dimensional with more gismos, boosting efficiency. There is one pun in the whole premise though, will it be cost effective. Over the last several months, […]

Intel’s Ivy Bridge shores up after a long wait of six months – Part 1

Intel Corporation released the latest line of new Ivy Bridge processors on Monday, April 23. The word Ivy Bridge has been tossed around for about six months or more in the technology industry and the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Samsung, even including Apple, have been waiting for the release of the new line of […]


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