In Easy Steps: In selecting the best laptop go for the basics – Part 4

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However, most people do not know that there are matte screen alternatives available in the market; almost every one of the OEMs offers matte screen laptops. It is just not always mentioned clearly online. However, user reviews and forums can get the information.

Moreover, there are other alternatives to glossy screens. Apple has recently release MacBooks with antiglare screens. There are also antiglare screen sheets and protectors available in the market and can be used on PCs as well.

The glare is on glossy screens is big bother, especially when there is a window behind the spot where you usually use your laptop. Therefore, be careful in selecting a laptop that has matte finish or has an antiglare option.

The last and most important part of the scrutiny is the mouse track pad. Due to the reason it is the most frequently used component in the system, it has to be checked in every device very carefully.

The track pads in the current line of laptops are compatible to multi-finger gestures. However, the response to these set of gestures is sloppy on most of the devices. Therefore, carefully check for the best track pad. It becomes a big hassle if the track pad is less responsive to your taps and gestures.

To test the responsiveness, the easiest way is to scroll down a list with a two-finger drag on the track pad. The more sensitive it is the better. Also remember to keep the surface quality in mind, textured surfaces are attractive but after the charm wears off, it becomes an irritation then fun.

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