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LG Optimus 4X HD (2012): Full Review – Part 3

The Android 4 comes with all the goodies from Google including Gmail, Search, Plus, Latitude, Play Store, Messenger, Maps with Navigation, Places, Talk, and YouTube. Moreover there are other apps that range from basic calculator to the Polaris Office, universal suite that is compatible with the famous office formats like .doc, .docx. Email, calendar, notifications […]

LG Optimus 4X HD (2012): Full Review – Part 4

NFC Chip is a welcome though we have seen it in many devices now. It still has a special place in LG handsets. The Korean company ships three Tag+ stickers with Optimus 4X HD, Sleep, Car and Office. The user can customize the profiles for every mode like screen brightness, ring volume and alarm clock, […]

The best unlocked smartphones available in every market – Part 1

The US and UK mobile communications markets play a different music than almost the rest of the world. Most of the premium smartphones are offered by cellular carriers with contracts. This brings the prices exponentially low. However, these phones and most of the others are available at full, non-subsidized prices in the rest of the […]

The best unlocked smartphones available in every market – Part 2

The best part is its price. The unlocked version is available at $500. LG Optimus 3D Max Like the Optimus 3D, the new handset from the Korean company is unlocked in all over the world, even in the US. The phone is supposedly an upgrade to the last year’s iteration with passive 3D technology but […]

LG Optimus 3D Max (2012): A Full Review – Part 4

LG provides with three Tag+ NFC stickers (Sleep, Car and Office). By tapping the phone to these stickers automatically launches the profile. The user can customize these profiles to the liking and just has to tap the phone on the stickers and NFC does the rest. The response is quick as well. Performance The dual-core […]

LG releases the new 2012 flagship LED television, LG LM9600 – Part 1

LG’s 2012 flagship LED television is, known by the name of LG LM9800 series. It has three denominations in 47 inches, 55 inches and 60 inches. There is an 85-inch model coming later in the year but that is touted a completely different animal. The new television is an upgrade to last year’s LW 9800 […]

LG releases the new 2012 flagship LED television, LG LM9600 – Part 2

Features The LM9600 is an extremely thin television with LED sources behind the pixels throughout the screen which should give an extremely bright picture quality, and it does. The problem comes in the blacks. For a deeper, real-like picture, experts emphasis on deeper black, the more black the better. However, even in the presence of […]

LG releases the new 2012 flagship LED television, LG LM9600 – Part 3

The 3D vision can be switched on by the dedicated button on the remote. Moreover, there are three more viewing options, THX mode for brighter picture quality in well-lit room, cinema and ISF mode. All these options are flexible with custom settings, however, repeated tests showed that both THX and ISF modes did have much […]

Global mobile phone sales down 2 percent in Q1 2012 compared to same year-earlier quarter

Mobile sales have declined over the course of one year in the worldwide market and the major decline was in the Asian market. A recent survey report from Gartner reveals the sales and shipment results in the first quarter of 2012 of the top ten major mobile phone vendors in the world. There was a […]

LG Electronics to launch Google TV in U.S. in late May: executive

(Reuters) – LG Electronics Inc, the world’s No.2 TV maker, plans to launch Internet-enabled TV based on Google’s platform in the United States in the week of May 21, as the South Korean firm seeks to gain a larger share of the emerging Internet TV market, a senior LG executive said on Monday. The move […]

Apple’s market shares and profit

Apple owns 8% of global mobile market (not to be confused with 29% market share of Smartphones), but gets 73% of all industry profits, a figure below that point up point is repeated every quarter, according to the research made by Asymco. The remaining profit sector belongs to Samsung, which has grown in a year in sales of […]

Smartphones from 2011 and 2012 with killer displays – Part 1

LED or LCD screens have always been one of the major selling points of the smartphones. Now-a-days the technology has become so advanced that it is hard for human eye to detect pixels in the screen. The more the screen resolution becomes dense, the more complicated the circuit becomes and screen resolution is directly proportional […]


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