Apple’s market shares and profit

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Apple owns 8% of global mobile market (not to be confused with 29% market share of Smartphones), but gets 73% of all industry profits, a figure below that point up point is repeated every quarter, according to
the research made by Asymco.

The remaining profit sector belongs to Samsung, which has grown in a year in sales of mobile 23.5% to 35.4%, although the shares of their benefit remain around 26%. That is, another 1% of profits to be distributed among the other
manufacturers: Motorola, Nokia, RIM, LG, HTC, ZTE and Huawei.

Apple- the tech giants, known not only for their large market share and their high profit margin on each unit it sells, before computers were and now with the help of their latest gadgets: iPod, iPhone or iPhone.

The American multinational company has recorded significant decrease after Foxconn failed to renew their contract with Apple to get the production rights for their tablets and phones.

Except for the initial period, when their computers themselves were a mass phenomenon, they have chosen to seek niche markets ever since, such as education, or elites that are willing to pay a premium in exchange for design, make
and some idea of exclusivity.

According to these calculations Asymco, the concentration of income and profits of the industry has undertaken a rapid concentration, since two years ago the eight major manufacturers had 5,300 million dollars in profits and are
now at 14,400 million.

However, the trend looks set to continue as the continuous decline of Nokia, RIM and HTC seems to be occupied by Chinese brands.

Samsung will continue their world leadership thanks to the wide range of handsets, from low to high. Their latest offering, Galaxy III available for 700 Euros, competes well with Huawei Ascend, the Lumia by Nokia, Apple iPhone,
Blackberry or HTC One.

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