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Nokia Lumia 900: Full Review (2012) – Part 4

Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth are standards, though sadly, the Lumia 900 ships with Bluetooth 2.1, practically antique compared with the new Bluetooth 4.0 standard we’re starting to see in mobile devices. Nokia boasts that its 8-megapixel camera on the Lumia 900 has Carl Zeiss optics, which, along with its dual-LED flash and autofocus, are meant […]

Nokia Lumia 900: Full Review (2012) – Part 5

Compared to the snappers in iPhone 4S and Focus S, the picture quality is far better in terms of brightness and colour depth. The Super AMOLED display augments that in a nicer way. I was generally happy with video, which shoots at a rate of 30 frames per second, though I wish it shot in […]

Nokia Lumia 900: Full Review (2012) – Part 6

Nokia does make a mark with the nice Nokia Blue color theme (it’s the Lumia 900 default) and with a suite of Marketplace apps that include Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Transit, and Nokia Contacts Transfer. This section also highlights partners’ third-party apps, like ESPN and CNN. It’s a shame that the Lumia 900 doesn’t […]

Nokia Lumia 900: Full Review (2012) – Part 7

That being said, video streaming and apps downloads and pictures downloads and uploads on Facebook and Flickr worked seamlessly and did not create any lag in between. However, the lack of fastest speeds and camera quality do make room for HTC Titan II to capture market share with Windows Phone OS. The Titan II was […]

Bigger smartphones are a big problem for smaller hands – Part 1

The technology world has been running the hot streak for the last one decade and every day brings us more news on the evolution of personal and mobile computing. However, the evolution in the tech specs of the latter one is quite reciprocal to the former. As laptops, tablets and desktops for that matter are […]

Bigger smartphones are a big problem for smaller hands – Part 2

However, the a person like me, an iPhone size screen is sufficient. 3.7 inches do not hurt me anyway. But the current market has only a few option and most of them have sacrificed specifications. These devices make do with mostly single-core processors and low-resolution cameras. Many other features are also missing in the equation. […]

Bigger smartphones are a big problem for smaller hands – Part 3

These smartphones with smaller screens might be of low specs as compared to gigantic HTC Ones and Samsung Galaxy Notes, these are nothing to sneeze at. In fact, Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product innovation for Samsung Mobile, told me in an interview that the specifications on these devices are better than the top […]

Nokia arrives at Mobile World Congress 2012 with Lumia 610 – Part 1

Nokia Ovi has been struggling in the smartphone market since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007. Apple changed the concept of mobile computation in general and smartphone computing in particular. However, there are many company who received the wake-up call in good times and pushed their respective smartphone in the market. The likes […]

Nokia arrives at Mobile World Congress 2012 with Lumia 610 – Part 2

Microsoft has adapted Windows Phone software so that it requires half as much memory and runs the cheaper 7X27A chip from Qualcomm Inc. That should help manufacturers cut their costs. The price of the Lumia 610 “makes it very competitive with the low-end Android devices,” said Carolina Milanesi, a research vice president at Gartner Inc. […]

Nokia arrives at Mobile World Congress 2012 with Lumia 610 – Part 3

“We are demonstrating the actions necessary to improve the fortunes of Nokia, very deliberately recognizing challenges, changing strategy and then executing very aggressively against that,” Elop said. “That’s the path you’ll see us continue to execute day in and day out.” Smartphone sales may grow 39 percent this year from 472 million units, according to […]

Nokia unleashes 808 PureView with 41-mega pixel camera

Nokia was present at the Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona and it had a louder voice than the likes of Sony, who recently acquired the shares of Ericsson in the joint venture Sony Ericsson, and Samsung. The company announced a number of devices at the event and among them were Lumia 610 that belongs to […]

The Smartphones that have a longer battery life – Part 1

Smartphones these days are something more than a cell phone and a personal digital assistant. These devices are social networking hub on the move and pack powerful web browsers to surf the internet. However, with all these tech gismos, the power supply can be compromised. Most of the smartphones these days last one day after […]


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