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Taunts Resulted In False Terrorist Claims By Orlando Club Shooting Gunman

The gunman who opened fire at a Florida gay nightclub apparently had co-workers who “ganged up” to tease him forcing him to claim terrorist ties in order to get them off his back, according to a letter written by Mateen to his bosses. Documents released on Monday showed that Omar Mateen reported being taunted at […]

Witnesses Claim That Mateen Frequented Gay Nightclub He Rampaged

As it is common worldwide, especially in America, Omar Mateen had several unremarkable jobs which he worked during and following high school including a job at a Publix grocery store, Circuit City, Chick-Fil-A and Walgreens. Graduating in 2003, he skipped through various jobs pertaining to nutrition and health, including working at Nutrition World, Gold’s Gym […]

Trump: Pakistani, Saudi Arabian People Are A Threat To America

On Monday, Republican Donald Trump ascribed responsibility for a mass shooting in Florida purely on radical Muslims, who he claimed were entering the country through a flock of refugees and “trying to take over our children.” He mentioned the fact that the Florida gunman’s parents were born in Afghanistan. Highlighting major incidents in US history […]


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