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China combines enforcement and aid to curb Uighur separatism


The Silk Road. A land of opportunity. A territory rich in natural resources. These stereotypes of Chinese citizens on the Chinese border province of Xinjiang, mainly inhabited by ethnic Uighurs, came on top of a very different image on July 5, 2009: that of violence. Today, Xinjiang fulfills the fifth anniversary of the worst riots […]

Karachi violence leaves 13 dead

Over 30 cracker blasts in Sindh ahead of province-wide strike call

After absolutely no news of violence from Karachi, 13 people became a target of blind bullets on Tuesday. Reports claims two activists from Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamat also died among the 13 after a firing incident took place in the Korangi industrial area. On the other hand, two students of Jamia Binoria were also shot near […]

Lyari sees 3 murdered during violence


Three people were found dead after a firing incident that took place in Lyari, Karachi, on Thursday. Police has reported that three people were killed after a shootout between the gangs of Lyari. Four were also found injured on the site. The dead bodies and the injured people were both rushed to a nearby hospital […]

Connecticut shooting a wake-up call for game makers

The outburst by the National Rifle Association (NRA) vice president Wayne LaPierre has attracted a lot of criticism from the media, video game industry, film industry, music industry and even the general American public. Instead of blaming the deadly weapon that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in the tragic incident of […]

Who is responsible for Karachi’s law and order situation?

Apparently some of the killings may be for private reasons or that a part of these could be the result of turf wars amongst mafias, but now there is no doubt that most of the murders are the targeted killing.   To elaborate or analyze as to which side introduced sectarian assassinations seems senseless. Moreover, […]

Nawaz Sharif urges government to take action against culprits in Karachi

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif has urged the federal government to take stringent measures to curb the elements who are playing with the lives of innocent people in Karachi.   He issued a statement saying increasing incidents of target killings in the port city have shocked the nation, asking the authorities concerned to […]

Burma gives permission to two newspapers after protests!

Burma’s government lifted suspension on two weekly journals within two weeks, there editors confirmed the news saying that the suspension was lifted after rare protests by journalists in two cities to demand more press freedom. Editors of the Burmese-language Voice Weekly and The Envoy told Reuters that Burma’s government has given them the permission to […]

Persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar must stop!

The Myanmar Rohingya Muslims are called foreigners, not given citizenship by the government and are branded as Bengalis because they speak a Bengali dialect. They are being killed brutally on daily basis and those who are alive have very limited facilities of education, health care and social activities. The religious violence flared up after the […]

Sectarian violence in Myanmar (Burma) must be stopped!

Myanmar, spread over an area of 2,61,228 sq miles (676578 km), is 24th the most populated country in the world. It has total population of 60.28 million having about 10 per cent Muslims, who migrated to that country mostly during the British period. The present sectarian violence spread over the rape and murder of a […]

HRCP condemns increasing violence in the country

HRCP condemns increasing violence in the country Lahore, July 11: The increasing incidents of wanton violence and bloodshed across the country, including the recent killing of at least 18 people in Dasht, this week’s attack on an army camp in Gujrat and the daily killings in Karachi, not only expose a propensity by all concerned to […]

Syrians have the key to a peaceful outcome, says General Mood

General Robert Mood says that though the mission is trying its best to restore order in Syria, it will eventually be the Syrians themselves who will have their fate in their own hands Norway’s General Robert Mood is the person responsible for negotiating a truce in war-ravaged Syria. The Norwegian was made the head of […]

HRCP calls for immediate attention to people’s plight in Lyari

HRCP calls for immediate attention to people’s plight in Lyari Lahore, April 30: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has voiced concern over the acute difficulties of the civilian population in Lyari, Karachi, where law enforcement agencies’ operation against organised crime has been going on for several days. In a statement issued on Monday, the Commission […]


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